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What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • dhiammarath
    dhiammarath Posts: 832 Member
    @Elo_getsfit LOVE the dress -- congrats on being able to wear it! Also, LOVE the pusheen. XD XD
  • MidlifeCrisisFitness
    MidlifeCrisisFitness Posts: 1,114 Member
    Lietchi wrote: »
    I went 'clothes shopping' in my own wardrobe. Most of my current wardrobe has become too big and I ended up rooting around in a box of clothes I tucked away years ago because they were too small.

    I found a sweater that is probably more than 10 years old and that I really liked back then, and it fit and looked good too!

    It's going to be tricky for the next half of my weight loss though, I don't have any smaller clothes left so I'll have to 'waste' some money on a transitional wardrobe. A great problem to have though :smiley: