Anyone avoiding the gym because of the you-know-what virus?



  • sijomial
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    Just back from the gym - seemed a pretty normal volume of people for a Saturday afternoon.

    A lot more wiping down of equipment going on.

  • MelG7777
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    sijomial wrote: »
    Just back from the gym - seemed a pretty normal volume of people for a Saturday afternoon.

    A lot more wiping down of equipment going on.

    Same where I go. While I appreciate the efforts of the workers, I do wonder if a quick Lysol spray on one side of the equipment is enough to contend with “you know what”.
  • Gisel2015
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    I live in a gated community for active adults, and yesterday we got notification that the Board was closing both fitness centers and all fitness classes. All club meetings, card games, etc were also canceled. The only thing still open/allowed are tennis, pickled ball, and golf; at least for now.

    At the present time I'm not affected by these closures because I fractured my right wrist and I'm in a cast. But my husband and I are keeping mostly indoors anyway, except for food shopping and doctor's appointments.
  • Katmary71
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    I went to the gym yesterday, I'd been wiping down machines with the provided spray and paper towels before this but they dry out fast (paper towels) so I brought my own Clorox wipes in a baggy to wipe everything down. There were other wiping things down and not as many as I'd expected, I noticed it was more people over about 45 doing so. The cardio machines had less people but the weight room had the same amount. My parents live in an active retirement community and their gyms and pools are closed now. I'm guessing my gym will be closed soon. The highest dumbbells I have are 10lbs so I might go buy higher weights but have a lot of other equipment, a bike and treadmill, and already do workouts on the app Fit On and You Tube.
  • riffraff2112
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    the traffic at my gym was very noticeably less than a typical Saturday morning. I wiped down a lot and tried not to touch anything un-necessarily.
  • springlering62
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    My beloved yoga studio just announced they are shutting down for two weeks. They’re going to put some classes up on Facebook for us to do at home. I’ve never done online classes, hope I can stay motivated.

    I went to the paint store a little while ago, and was astonished to find a long line. Apparently, everyone had the same great idea as me....painting the house if we’re gonna be stuck at home anyway. They were actually sold out of a lot of “base” paints, but I got enough to keep me occupied at least a few days.

    Will still walk and run. At least it’s open air and you don’t have to touch anything besides pounding pavement, although I do seem to have a knack lately for falling face first into it.

    This should be very interesting. Will we all end up like The Shining before this is all over, I wonder? At least the house will be shiny clean and in the latest fashionable colors, too!
  • Bruceapple
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    My gym, run by hospital, Welstar, checks your temperature at the front door.
  • J_NY_Z
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    I went this morning and there were far less people than normal. The plus side is that more people are wiping down their equipment which is a good thing.
  • girlwithcurls2
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    My Friday evening prediction was correct: there seemed to be no more than a dozen people there at any given time. It was a great workout. About an hour after I got home though, my daughter told me that the city is closing it (my gym is in the city rec dep't community center) until March 31, at least. I think it's probably because the schools are closed until then, and they don't want to end up with all of the families across the city flooding their facilities. Bummer. I did You Are Your Own Gym two years ago and it was great. I re-downloaded it today and will start that again, maybe with a little more running.
  • Buff_Man
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    I'm only going to stop when you prise the barbell out of my cold, dead hands
  • springlering62
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    Bruceapple wrote: »
    My gym, run by hospital, Welstar, checks your temperature at the front door.

    Aaaah judging from that and the profile pic, I’m betting we are practically neighbors. Silver Comet?

  • bllaura10
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    I am going to avoid it for now until we have a better idea of how this is going to play out in my area over the next week or two I suppose. I’m predicting more cases to start popping up.
    I have some weights at home and run outside I guess...
    it does suck but I also have little kids under 5 so I don’t want to bring something home if I can avoid it.
  • 12774
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    No way! Will utilize my equipment at home.
  • Noreenmarie1234
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    I don't have a choice. My complex closed the gym and ALL amenities. No community center is open or anything.
  • nighthawk584
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    blessed to have a home gym.
  • mashulka2020
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    I'm in Ontario Canada and although on the low threat level, our gym sent out an email last night that they will be closed until April 6th. Our schools are also closed for 2 weeks after March break.
  • lightenup2016
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    Not sure. I belong to a very small gym only because it’s next door to my daughter’s ballet studio. I take her to ballet 4 times per week, and figured some days I might as well work out there instead of driving back and forth. In any case, I have weights at home, my own body weight, a home treadmill, and the great outdoors to run in, so will probably opt not to use the gym for the coming weeks. If it even stays open, I guess.
  • rainbow198
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    So much has changed since I posted my response a few days ago.

    My city is getting ready to shut down, including all of the recs and community centres. Lots of people use and depend on those. My pole fitness and aerial yoga studios are closing too.

    So very thankful to have everything I need in my home gym.
  • huntersvonnegut
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    Motorsheen wrote: »
    sijomial wrote: »
    I'm not avoiding the gym but I've decided to stop licking the barbells....

    I've been licking the nylon, tricep ropes at our gym most everyday for the past several weeks.

    Any new fangled virus will look like child's play.

    Do you at least wear gloves on your tongue so you don’t get calluses? 😉