Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • Tail0rMade22
    Tail0rMade22 Posts: 9 Member
    Please add me guys!! I am using a Galaxy Fit (which is connected using the Samsung Health app), any fitness focused people out there looking for friends, feel free to add me! :D
  • trlong1308
    trlong1308 Posts: 17 Member
    I would love more friends. I feel like it would be extremely motivating.
  • KingBenneth
    KingBenneth Posts: 19 Member
    Always happy to have more friends, :smile:
  • CDMeighty8
    CDMeighty8 Posts: 10 Member
    Motivational friends would be cool 💪🏼 - feel free to add
  • thebabadon
    thebabadon Posts: 28 Member
    Feel free to add me.
  • Rhiwills76
    Rhiwills76 Posts: 32 Member
    Happy for anyone to add me,quiet myself but happy to encourage others on their journey ☺
  • Melissa3881
    Melissa3881 Posts: 8 Member
    love having motivation! Feel Free to add me ! We can do this together!!
  • Alisiyacb
    Alisiyacb Posts: 79 Member
    Feel free to add me :smile: I'm always looking to support others in this journey
  • Mr_X_2020
    Mr_X_2020 Posts: 4 Member
    Always looking for new friends in this journey send me a friend request or message me💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
  • jstrick20
    jstrick20 Posts: 34 Member
    happy to help and support--we are all in this together--feel free to add me...
  • richr196
    richr196 Posts: 16 Member
    Yes please, feel free to add me Thank you!
  • thebabadon
    thebabadon Posts: 28 Member
    feel free to add
  • Tony_Von_Stryfe
    Tony_Von_Stryfe Posts: 153 Member
    If your looking for a funny, chatty friend. Well, look no further. It's nice to have community interaction while we are stuck at home. Stay healthy future friends
  • lollg115
    lollg115 Posts: 4 Member new.....
  • alissabreden
    alissabreden Posts: 8 Member
    I'd love more friends! My feed is so emptyyy 😩
  • richr196
    richr196 Posts: 16 Member
    I would really like some more friends as I have been away a while and most of the friends I did have are now inactive. Thank you
  • ILoveSoda91
    ILoveSoda91 Posts: 8 Member
    Hello everyone! I would love to have more friends, especially during these trying times of working to be active while staying inside!
  • VictoriaFitLife
    VictoriaFitLife Posts: 36 Member
    zachduden wrote: »
    I'm always accepting friend requests from motivational and inspirational people, so feel free to add me! Also, leave a comment below if you would like others to add you! :)

    Just started to become active on here several weeks ago. Have no friends yet but would love some for motivation, as well! Feel free to add me! ☮️✌️
  • Ikeeptrying2
    Ikeeptrying2 Posts: 156 Member
    Newbie here that would like to have friends on my list for interaction and support.