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Hello all. My name is Toni.
I live in Michigan and due to Covid-19/Corona Disease, every social gathering place is closed, including schools, gyms, restaurants, spa, health food stops, etc. How are you coping where you are? Are you finding it difficult to stick to your goals?


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    Where in Michigan do you live? I'm in Frankfort. I'm currently visiting my daughter and her family in New Mexico though.
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    I'm in California, we are a "shelter in place" state. I walk everyday outside (weather permitting). All gyms, restaurants, & non-essential businesses are closed to the public. It is very quiet outside, no air/auto traffic, rather unsettling and I am eating more due to anxiety over the whole pandemic. Yikes!
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    Pa is the same only essentials like food open
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    Hi. I’m on the South Coast in England. Most places are shut down now, offices working from him or not at all. Only core services are working (Hospital, Police, etc...). The entire country has now been told to self-isolate for a minimum of 12 weeks. Luckily I have an awesome home gym, so am able to escape! Stay Safe
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    Hi I am from southern Ontario. You have to line up outside grocery stores as they allow only 50 customers in at a time. All restaurants are closed, as are non-essential businesses.
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    I have been logging and continue outside walking. Eating a bit more for sure but logging helps to not get out of hand (so far).
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    Florida is the same. only essentials open. Thank goodness for online learning for my kids and my elliptical, workout dvds and weights at home. I have been walking most mornings around the neighborhood or doing my elliptical or doing a leslie sansone workout dvd.
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    Seeing your black belt, I had to share