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Motivation during lockdown?



  • ritzvin
    ritzvin Posts: 2,829 Member
    Personally I find exercise a great way to manage stress and we're living in a very stressful time right now. That keeps me pretty motivated.
    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    Personally I find exercise a great way to manage stress and we're living in a very stressful time right now. That keeps me pretty motivated.

    Pretty much this. Also, don't know where you are OP, but it's full on spring here...I'm really enjoying getting out daily to road cycle or mountain bike and even fit in a couple hikes. Get outside, go for a run or walk or ride a bike...it's fun.

    Ditto. Cycling and trail running are what's keeping me sane.

    And the significant drop in rush hour traffic has made it much, much easier to get to the trails and hills after work.
  • grayblackmfp
    grayblackmfp Posts: 140 Member
    Looking fabulous when lockdown is over. Finding it a bit easier as can't go out for meals and want to make the food that's in the houselast as long as possible.
    And I have to exercise or I'd go mad.
  • MeganD1704
    MeganD1704 Posts: 733 Member
    I've been finding it a bit easier vs before. I am currently doing at least a 30 minute TRX workout in the morning and committed to walking the dog at least once a day. It is a lot easier to control what I am eating because eating out is weird right now, I have more time at home to meal plan. Working out is also helping my mental health during this weird time.
  • ashlynkibana
    ashlynkibana Posts: 5 Member
    edited April 2020
    Idk if it's just me but the pandemic has actually motivated me to be more productive because my hours at work got cut so I'm at home a lot more and no longer have being tired from work as an excuse.

    But youtube videos motivate me a lot for some reason. Emi Wong, Chloe Ting, and Pamela Reif.

    I look through videos until I find something that I won't hate doing and then I put on workout clothes, read the comments, ect until I'm finally ready to get off my *kitten*. And sometimes yeah I still feel like quitting in the middle, but I think about how "well I'm already doing this might as well keep going"

    Think about how proud you'll feel when you complete it. Emi Wong and Chloe Ting are great at motivating you to keep going as well.

    Some days I'll do three or four different videos because I'm so motivated. I always feel proud of myself after too no matter if it was just a 20 minute video or two 30 minute videos.

    Good luck. Maybe try thinking about how great you want to look when you come back to work or see your friends or whatever. I wanna use this time off to my advantage lol idk

    The biggest hurdle is always simply finding the motivation. Once you get motivated you're halfway there. You can do it! We all believe in you.
  • ashlynkibana
    ashlynkibana Posts: 5 Member
    And if you have set goals in mind I'd be happy to help you find a workout routine if you're interested! Or show you what videos I've been doing to give you some inspiration
  • Marilissa2015
    Marilissa2015 Posts: 1 Member
    I didn’t realize there were communities on this app! I have gained 5lb in a week and a half so I realize I need to commit to daily exercise and cut back on my pandemic snacking...normally active and thin but I’ve been thrown off by not having the gym and yoga studio. I’m appreciating everyone’s posts - I think this will help me with the motivation! Today I walked a lot. Tomorrow I want to do some serious cardio and weights (I have dumbells and can run outside but I also have the old insanity videos - just need to force myself to do them). Best of luck everyone!
  • MidlifeCrisisFitness
    MidlifeCrisisFitness Posts: 1,114 Member
    If you are routine person try to create a new one and develop the habit. Sounds easy I know it's not that easy but it can be done.
  • pondee629
    pondee629 Posts: 2,487 Member
    edited April 2020
    Motivation during lockdown? You are doing the workout/training/exercises/program or whatever because YOU wanted to. You believe, or at least believed, that it was good for you and was/is something you wanted to do. The lockdown should not have decreased your desire to do something you wanted to do. The lockdown did not diminish the reasons you wanted to do the thing you wanted to do. The lockdown gave you more time to devote to your thing left you to your creative side to accomplish it. What MOTIVATION do you need other than YOUR desire to do something YOU wanted to do and is good for you? YOU either WANT to do the work or YOU do not. YOUR call. The results YOU get, either doing the work or sitting on the couch eating chips, are YOURS and YOURS alone.
  • MichelleMcKeeRN
    MichelleMcKeeRN Posts: 378 Member
    I am pretty good with making little challenges for myself and sticking to them. I think I am going to start a push-up, plank, sit-up, squat challenge for myself. My bike has lost all of the air in the tires but I will start taking that out 1-2 times a week after the bike pump arrives on Tuesday. Make goals and stick to them. Motivation? You can resume life in a few weeks and look better than when you left!