Diet Pills and/or other Dietary Supplements

I guess I feel like sparking a debate tonight. I was wondering if anyone is using Diet Pills or Supplements along with your diet and exercise regime. If so, what are you using or have used? how do you feel about it and/or the results? State what you are using and what it is intended to do and whether you feel that is has worked for you. Just curious.


  • Kelly_Wilson1990
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    I take supplements.
  • amyd03
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    i take a diet pill, b12 shot and a vitacrhom shot. I like having the shots they help with fat burnning and energy. the diet pills help me not feel hungry all the time. i do not take them everyday. i usually do every other day. So there for i am not getting my body use to them. I have lost 30 pounds since jan doing it this way.
  • I just started my weight loss program. I will be getting the B12 shot as well as appitite suppressants to help. I hope to lose a total of 30lbs when I am done. I don't see any harm in using tools to help. After all Workout machines, food diaries, and motivation are tools as well. At the end of the day. your own committment will be the decidng factor.

    I plan on achieving my weight loss goal so keep an eye for me.. :bigsmile:
  • I take green tea supplements, but it doesn't have a lot to do with weight loss. They say they help with weight loss, but that really isn't my concern. I usually take one in the morning simply for the energy boost. Mornings are baaaad for me. Sometimes I skip them and just drink sugarless green tea instead, but it depends on the morning.
  • Teemo
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    Multivitamin = filling in the nutritional gaps in my diet.
    Greens/superfood = filling in the nutritional gaps in my diet.
    Fish oil = Omega 6s + cardiovascular health + general health.
    Whey protein = On workout days and days when I can't hit my protein target with whole foods.
    Glucosamine/MSM = Joint support.

    Also a Vitamin D3 supplement, especially the weather cools and I spend less time outside in the sun.
  • lilwashee
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    some dietary supplements are ok , however it is best to turn your health around as much as possible with the right foods and excercise...
  • I take a multi-vitamin. I've gone the pill route before and without learning the correct way to eat and manage my portions the weight always came back. This time I'm doing it the correct way. Or should I rephrase that and say the correct way for me. Anyhow, I'm only 2 weeks into my journey with MFP and am already lerning so much :-)
  • gogonunubean
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    I took Alli for a while. I don't think it helped, other than keeping me honest (the side effects of cheating are rather graphic!). I won't take any unnatural supplements now and am wary of natural supplements too.

    I guess I will just have to do this the old fashioned way!
  • porffor
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    I take a multi vit every other day.. sounds weird but it binds me up if I take it daily.. will try a different one when i'm finished with it.
    I can occasionally suffer from low iron and am veggie so concious about B12.
  • TK421NotAtPost
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    A properly set up diet that is rich in micro-nutrients and balanced from a macronutrient perspective would be so filling that diet pills and appetite suppressants would not be necessary.

    porffor, my digestion also suffers when taking vitamins.
  • TheFranLover
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    2 different takes because "diet pills" and general "supplements" can be very different.

    Soo.... I took the bad kind of diet pills as well as appetite suppresents (sp?) in the past and lost weight. However, because I never learned to curb my appetite or eat healthier, I always gained it back... which eventually took me to MFP!

    Currently, I take:

    Whey Protein: Lots of it to help build muscle and, in the same manner, burn fat.
    Glucosamine: Joint Health
    Flax Oil: A tablespoon a day to up good fats and Omega 3-6-9. Good for the brain, the body, and good fat helps burn bad fat!
    Mens Multi Vitamin: Cuz I'm healthy like that....
  • Thankilates
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    A properly set up diet that is rich in micro-nutrients and balanced from a macronutrient perspective would be so filling that diet pills and appetite suppressants would not be necessary.

    porffor, my digestion also suffers when taking vitamins.

    I agree! :) If you eat whole foods and a big variety of them you are pretty much good to go! I have a friend who works in a doc office and she adminsters the b12 and fat booster metabolism shots... Ummm, they are worthless and she said, one of their biggest money makers... I dunno, if you see a difference, might be a placebo... But do what you will! :)
  • JJasMyself
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    Hi, Everyone! Thanks for all the responses. This wasn't a request for advice as I am well versed (through my own experience and research) on the topic. I was curious about what everyone on here does. I've always been a naturalist, to the point that I don't even like to take medication if I it's something that I know will pass on it's own. However, I do take Women's One a Day Multi-Vitamins to just help fill the gaps and because it supposedly helps support bone and breast health, which if you knew my family history would understand why that's important. I have tried different things over the years, but had seen no better results than when I do it the natural way. As a matter of fact when I was married and my husband was in Iraq we decided to have a friendly competition between the two of us. (He was a self-proclaimed health nut) We wanted to see who could become the most ripped before he came back form Iraq.(I think this gave him something he enjoyed to focus on while he was over there) The rule was we weren't allowed to take any weight-loss pills, but were allowed to take dietary supplements. He wanted to pit his belief in Soy Protein and Creatine against my all natural methods. The end result, we both ended up losing the weight we wanted to and getting stronger and I have to say, I was pretty defined. All the weight I have lost to this point on MFP I have lost naturally through better eating habits and a commitment to exercise. Though, I must admit there's always that fear of the plateau in the back of my mind. I have never had to lose this much weight before. So, I thought I'd see what everyone else was doing and what they found worked or didn't. I kind of have to laugh a weight loss pills, such as Hydroxy Cut and SlimQuick because they say right on their label that you need to eat a healthier diet and exercise for them to work... but if you did that you'd lose weight anyway, so do the pills really do anything other than give you a reason to keep you motivated to change your lifestyle?
  • servilia
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    When I started I was taking ephedrine.. very little of it, like 16mg a day (it's legal in Canada). I was getting little pains in my chest so I stopped the pills and the pain stopped too. When I remember, I take CLA now.
    Because my cals are restricted, I also take a prenatal vitamin. I also have whey protein when I need to take more protein. I want to get some other items once I research them.
  • brocantrs
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    I take a multi-vitamin with iron because I found it difficult to get my RDA of iron.
  • Ok. "Diet supplements" are just what they are called. These pills are used to supplement a good proper balanced diet. They will do little or nothing without a proper diet.
    Just taking them will not help you lose weight. You will never change your body composition unless you put in the work. There are no quick fixes.......
  • I've been taking hydroxycut but I only take it before a workout to give me extra energy. I dont think its done anything for helping me lose weight but it's helpful for giving me the energy boost mid workout. I've also started taking multi vitamins and take protein supplement in the morning.