Best low calorie foods.

A medication I take has to be taken with 350 calories minimum for absorption and be taken before bed as it makes me very sleepy. So I need to eat less calories in the day to save up calories for night. Im doing terribly I am so hungry! Aside from low calorie jelly, cup a soup etc what are your go to snacks?


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    I'm hoping to find some ideas too. Other than the ten calories Hartley's jelly which is actually 4 calories, I don't have any other snacks that help fill me up as a stepping stone in-between meals, but looking for similar super low calorie, easy snacks and products I can keep to hand to help me when I feel a binge coming on!
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    Vegetables. (I like to splurge on pe cut trays and fancy dip; the dip can be calorific, but not all are - just be mindful.)
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    I love a Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Lara bar and a big mug of hot tea. With half and half, total calories about 250.
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    Sounds like you are looking for more food/fewer calories during the day so that the 350 bedtime snack doesn't undo your plans. If you are not terribly hungry in the morning when you get up for the day, delay your first meal for a couple of hours to pack more food into the shorter window. Eating more vegetables can help you keep on the right track. It's not impossible to binge on carrots and broccoli and the like but it's less likely. Getting a solid hit of protein in each real "meal" (the kind you spoon/fork into your mouth rather than drink) can help, as can getting sufficient fat. When you want to snack, go for fruit over highly processed, hyper palatable items. For some reason, apples are magic for appetite management for me (but not grapes, clementines or berries). This may mean not having binge-worthy food in the house for a month or so while your body and brain adjust. Hope some of the ideas are useful :)
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    Pickles, radishes with mustard/hotsauce/low calorie dressing, cucumbers with dressing, 50 calories of volume oatmeal, rice cakes, hardboiled egg whites (16cal per white) or make an egg puff from a few egg whites in a small container with spices and salsa, salad.

    A big 16oz mug of coffee always fills me up too (made with sugar free salted caramel syrup, almond milk, truvia).
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    before i switched to low moderate low carb diet, kim’s magic pop (original flavor) with various toppings in smaller gram amounts was my go to for daily snacks throughout the day and for some meals too.. You can add like whipped peanut butter, whipped creme cheese, cinnamon, unsweeten apple sauce, small scoop of low cal ice cream and the list goes on. each pop is 15 calories so you can make your various snacks under 100 cal easily when using the 5-6” ‘rice’ pop as your base.

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    This isn’t what you asked, but for different reasons, I eat 4 meals a day. Can you allow for your bedtime calories and divide the rest by 3 and try that? Or are you already doing that?
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    Thanks everyone great feedback and ideas!
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    Sugar free jello(5 calories) 35 calorie bread, only 70 calories for 2 slices of toast isnt bad,sugar free fudgesicles,sugar free popsicles, 100 calorie a bag popcorn, sugar free pudding(60 calories a piece), beef jerky(70 calories)