Fitness during lockdown - what are you doing, and how do you stay motivated?



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    I've also lost about 70lbs in 2018/2019. I am about 15ish lbs from goal weight. The first month of quarenteen I gained 5lbs, and having pity parties for myself with my closed gym and cold weather. This last week I've gotten over it, I'm back to running 5k-10k 3 days a week, and do any body weight videos I can find on YouTube 3 days a week. I run outside no matter the weather and it's made me feel stronger mentally as well as get my physical and mental health back in check. We will all get through this!
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    Hi, I purchased a trx, have some free weights and alternate full body high rep workouts one day then cardio (running or aerobics with 20 min yoga on alternate days. Missing the gym but managing nicely as Ive been working out consistently for over 30yrs. Just trying to maintain current fitness levels.
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    Hello Kat, my heart goes out to you on points two and three. I can completely understand. I am in Colorado, my boyfriend is in Chicago. It's been since Feb 1 that we last saw each other. So, you have being stuck at home, being afraid to have to deal with the Cops, missing your connections, it all just adds up. I'm sorry you're having a hard time.

    I'll tell you what has kept me going, and I hope it might help.
    Both my boyfriend and I invested in Garmin watches a while back (you can get them used on eBay for pretty reasonable if you can't do a new one), and they've become a bit of a lifeline for us both. My BF and I have a weekly steps challenge against each other, and each day spend time either verbally urging the other on, or taunting the other for falling behind, haha, depending. It's been great. It makes me take extra steps in literally Everything that I do. Tonight before bed, because our weekly challenge was coming to an end, and I was 3,000 steps behind him, I found myself running in place and doing jumping jacks to bump me over him by 100 steps haha. I ended up logging 65,100 steps this week! Might be worth a try!

    I've also been running the stairs in my building. I'll carry milk jugs I've filled with water and lift while I do stairs as well. It's a Great workout! Another is cleaning and dancing haha. Shake your tush while you scrub and wash and scour, and you will find yourself smiling, without a doubt. Especially if you put on good tunes to go with!
    Another thing I've done is picked up a project. I've been taking furniture, sanding it down (old fashioned hand sanding) and restaining/ painting the pieces. The workout I've given my arms and shoulders has been fantastic! Plus, seeing old pieces come back to life, it's a positive thing. And any positive things help right now.
    Lastly, cook something for a neighbor, especially if you don't know them. Leave a plate and a positive note outside their door. I left a coffee cake with a note outside my neighbors, the note telling them no Coronas were used in the making of the cake. It opened up a conversation, and we spoke at length for the first time after being neighbors for a year.
    Everyone is in a different place and so many are out of their element. I hope you can find some light to get through this! Big hugs to you!
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    kshama2001 wrote: »
    I've been working at home since 2011 and have been working out at home since 2016, so there was not a transition for me.

    Thankfully, it is gardening season. I don't have quite enough to do in my yard, and do a little gardening at two of my neighbors and a lot at a third. If I run out of projects, I could do trail maintenance (my winter "gardening") in the trails behind my house or walk/hike/work in a nearby state park, which has no Visitor's Center, so has not been closed as far as I can tell from online - I never use the main entrance - too much dog poop on the trails there >.<



    Amen on the gardening! Just need the snow to stop and the ground to thaw here. Hands are itching to get dirty.
    Love the quotes! And so true regarding the dog poo, for us it's the people who leave their poo bags behind... they're everywhere! When my sons and I go out for a trail hike behind the house, one of us carries a plastic bag to put all the poo bags in... What's the point of using a poo bag if they're just going to leave it there anyways? Almost seems an oxymoron lol.
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    Hi there,

    a couple of thoughts: can you phone the authorities to ask questions if you don't understand the rules? Berlin is such an international city that there's bound to be someone who speaks good English at the Gemeinde, city hall or police. Rather have a somewhat awkward conversation than not know what options you have.

    I am allowed to go out, and even go hiking in my local area, thus that's an advantage. We're doing more of an intelligent lockdown here. as parking places are closed it's very quiet outside of town. People seem to like their cars more than I though :o

    I also do videos online. At the moment I pick from the offerings of Zgym . It's currently available for free with a login code on facebook. Far from perfect, but it gives me something to do over lunch break. In the evening I might go on a run around my neighbourhood.
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    I workout to The Fitness Marshall on You Tube. When I am feeling less motivated, I pretend I'm at the club doing it LOL it's dance fitness.
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    Definitely get outside if the weather is nice. I call it my "light therapy". I think sun and fresh air are important to good mental as well as physical health.
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    I have been doing Camp Gladiator Zoom... love it.
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    I finally decided to try a "two-a-day" workout schedule (with two rest days per week). Admittedly, I was too lazy to do it before. Furthermore, even now, they're hella short workouts but it's a start since it helps fills the time.
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    I'm lucky in that I'm able to work from home and my hours are a bit more flexible. This has provided me opportunity to squeeze in an additional couple runs or bike rides throughout the week, and at a time of day of my choosing. I was typically running ~40 miles / month and biking ~70 miles / month and I've been able to push that a bit but I'm careful not to increase too much too soon - I'm no stranger to overuse injuries. I'm very careful to give wide berth to others along my route. That being said, I've taken up a couple virtual races to help support some good causes and collect a little race bling while I'm at it. This new reality also made it possible for me to really get into nutrition tracking, through MFP, and it's become habit, and a game-changer for me personally as I aim to get down to a healthier weight and keep the diabetes away. Have fun, stay safe, stay motivated.


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    I've gone back to yoga, and I'm loving it. I hope (plan) this is one thing I hang on to when this is over - I let it go because I was "too busy". Trying out many different YouTube videos - I have confirmed that the dance-y ones require much more coordination than I possess! I have a woefully neglected backyard (like it could be mistaken for a field), so I'm doing a lot of yard work - knocking the weeds down with the weedeater, and then hoeing the roots out - the hula-hoe is an amazing tool btw. The fresh air and sunshine really helps. And my arms should be in great shape by the time this is over :smile:

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    5:15 AM pre-work 4 mile walk. Resistance training in the area I put together in the garage.
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    I have a home gym, so business as usual for me :)
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    Well, my main cardio has always been walking. I admit I'm doing a bit less of that now (and I'm masked and gloved when I do go out), but I have dumbbells and a glider in the basement and I've been keeping up with that.
  • I really miss working out at the gym -- both classes and with my trainer. The gym has been posting a daily schedule of workout classes. All of the workouts can be done live OR they can be accessed later on Facebook. I schedule my workouts each day by both time and the type that I want to do. It's one more way to stay accountable.
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    Using my apps.

    I- Fit which syncs with my treadmill (I've walked the Scottish Highlands and Kauai, lol), Aaptiv, YouTube, and dusted off my Firm and Cathe Friedrich DVDs.

    This and lots of housework.
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    you-tube videos- use- leslie sansone (walking) pauhla bowers cardio etc- just tryingyoga with adrienne- just for the stretches- I also love to just walk and watch - tourism videos- I am 'visiting' so many countries though the video and getting my daily walks in- hahaha