I need friends!

Just came back to this app after a phone upgrade. Friend me. I love people!


  • IWTBF67
    IWTBF67 Posts: 68 Member
    I’m 67 but would be your friend
  • Lynatea
    Lynatea Posts: 308 Member
    Welcome back!
  • Tiffanylynn1024
    Tiffanylynn1024 Posts: 167 Member
    Feel free to add me
  • Luckee_me
    Luckee_me Posts: 1,429 Member
    Just sent you a friends request.
  • heatherkraft9
    heatherkraft9 Posts: 1 Member
    I will be your friend! I am new to the app and have no friend...im actually still trying to figure out how to friend people.
    I'm doing really good so far...day 8 and been right on track with all my calories and tracking every bite !!! 😄