Does coffee cause you hunger cravings?

I love having two cups of coffee with 2 T International Delight in each for breakfast. But, I think they are making me hungrier than I should be. Has anyone had or conquered this problem? Thank you.


  • lollie1285
    lollie1285 Posts: 239 Member
    Coffee tends to mess with my acid reflux which sometimes has a funny way of making me feel hungry when I know there’s no possible way I could be. Happened today actually!
  • cmriverside
    cmriverside Posts: 33,504 Member
    Is it flavored ID? The sugar would definitely set off my hunger. If it's just the creamer, no.
  • LoveyChar
    LoveyChar Posts: 4,304 Member
    No coffee does not make me hungry but putting sugar in my coffee would probably make me crave more and more sugar.
  • Katmary71
    Katmary71 Posts: 5,959 Member
    Coffee itself doesn't. I switched from creamer to using Premiere Protein or Equate chocolate or caramel protein drinks as creamer though. I drink regular coffee in the afternoon with sweetener and it helps with cravings.
  • VegjoyP
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    mmapags wrote: »
    Not at all. Quite the opposite. It blunts hunger for me.

    Same here. I drink decaf in afternoon to cut cravings too
  • simplyhannahme2479
    simplyhannahme2479 Posts: 10 Member
    Coffee helps me curb cravings. I drink a lot of coffee. I find having flavoured coffee helps too.
  • sardelsa
    sardelsa Posts: 9,812 Member
    For me coffee helps reduce my appetite. However there are times where I build an association between drinking coffee and having a sweet treat so depending on what phase I'm in it can be helpful or not so much!
  • sijomial
    sijomial Posts: 19,811 Member
    Nope, no effect either way, but I don't put anything in my coffee.

    Maybe it's not the coffee causing you the issue?
  • Love_2_Hike
    Love_2_Hike Posts: 103 Member
    I love coffee, it does not make me more hungry
  • privy95
    privy95 Posts: 81 Member
    I drink iced coffee to help curb cravings, but I use sugar free creamers or sweetener and low-fat milk or almond milk. Sometimes I add some premier protein if I need some protein to get me going.
  • klove808
    klove808 Posts: 346 Member
    I’ve noticed that if I don’t drink water before and after coffee (and enough in general) as well as brushing my teeth after, I will want to eat. I think it might be my body actually asking for water. As well as having that taste in my mouth just makes me want something else to cover it or balance it out.
  • MeganD1704
    MeganD1704 Posts: 733 Member
    I find it keeps me full? I just just plain old coffee cream no flavor (and a minimal amount at that). If I skip a morning coffee (highly unlikely, my blood is 80% coffee), I find myself more hungry.
  • paperpudding
    paperpudding Posts: 8,525 Member
    Have not found coffee gives me hunger cravings.
  • Jelly_Belly_Jim
    Jelly_Belly_Jim Posts: 24 Member
    Coffee does the opposite for me. I drink a few cups of coffee in the morning and don’t eat my first meal until around 1:00pm. I’m never hungry after drinking coffee.
  • KimiAR
    KimiAR Posts: 117 Member
    I get hungry w coffee if it has to much sugar in it... within a few hours I’m Looking for a snack of SOMEthing. I split my sweetened creamer w a diary free half and half alternative and that seems to help a lot.
  • nooshi713
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    Caffeine suppresses my appetite actually....
  • Armygirlarmyof1
    Armygirlarmyof1 Posts: 331 Member
    No not coffee but soda because it's sweet does.
  • onward1
    onward1 Posts: 386 Member
    I'm fairly new to the morning cup of coffee and I find it curbs my hunger, it's become my breakfast, then I have a"brunch" type meal around 11:30 or so.