Working CrossFit into Weight Training

Ok I've let myself go. I've got to loose 20lb. Before everything went to hell I was doin Jim Wendler 5/3/1 workout 4 times a week and do cardio twice a week. Now I want to change to a 3 day full body weight and a CrossFit workout twice a week. Looking for some advise on different routes. I will have access to Crunch Fitness once the gyms open up. I'm 69 with a hip replacement so any running is out. I've done some sled pushing and like it. Right now I'm doing a Hiit workout on my elliptical and chin ups,dips and push up 3 days a week and a regular fit burning program 2 a week.


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    For CrossFit, download SugarWOD and do the mainsite WODS. Or join a box.
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    I'd think the normal CrossFit workouts trying to be attempted on what should be a lifting recovery day - will very quickly kill the recovery of a good lifting workout, and then make you tired for the next lifting workout.

    If lifting is the focus - you could quickly find it not making the improvements it could if it was truly given the focus.

    If you lift first, and right afterwards or later in day do CrossFit with whatever energy you got left - and then the next day is recovery from both - you may be in better position to have another meaningful lifting workout after recovery day.

    Or as mentioned - just do the CrossFit and the specific WOD's on those days - realizing progress on the lifting part will likely be slower since not 3 x weekly full-body.
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    At age 69, I think you are going to have recovery issues with that aggressive a schedule. (Says the other 69 year old). You might want to build more rest in. Also, it seems you want to exercise those lbs away. The primary way to lose weight and body fat is through a reasonable and sustainable calorie deficit.

    Believe me I'm not trying to exercise the calories away. I know you can't do that. I'm just looking at some ways to change my workout. I'm also curious if anyone has tried what I'm thinking of doing.
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    Start with a power lift, an Olympic lift with cluster sets.
    Do your hypertrophy or maximal strength lift after your power lift.
    After that, do your metabolism conditioning and cardio training.

    Train them together three days a week and do some low intensity steady state cardio once or twice a week.

    High intensity training five times a week will be difficult to recover from since the Metabolic Conditioning CrossFit workouts will effect your heavy lifting days.
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    I don't and never did CrossFit but I do have some CrossFit type gear in my backyard that I use to compliment the use of (my not so regular anymore) weight lifting gear in my garage and the cardio gear (a spin bike and C2 rower) in my house.

    The backyard gear includes a battle rope, weight sled and 200# tractor tire (that I got for free from a Schwab tire shop) that I flip and hit w/10-12 sledge hammers. Using this gear provides variation in my workouts, gets me outside and keeps me from getting too bored doing the same thing.
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    Street parking has some pretty fun programming and CrossFit invictus does too if you want to add a few days of that kind of workout..
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    I find less, but more targeted exercise vs. eating keeps my weight in check. I love CF and have a trainer. I do 20 minutes of ERG, bike or row 5 days a week, 45 minutes of CF 2 x, and two 10 minute yoga sets a day. At 50, I weigh115-125 depending on how lazy I get, my core is tight, arms look good, and health issues and weight are in check. My CF includes lifting. I was just getting onto more lifting when Covid hit. I find CF, cardio, and yoga complimentary in strengthening and maintaining flexibility. But I also track my macros here to make sure I’m eating the right amounts of the right foods. Hope you find a solution that works for you!