How do you cope when the scale doesn’t move?

I have a lot of weight to loose. Currently at 342lbs and I’ve lost 76lbs so far and still a long way to go. I am 6ft tall. I lost most of my weight following the slimming world plan in the UK but it took me a long time because whilst it worked it doesn’t really teach you about portion control. I then spent about a year gaining and loosing the same stone until we went into lockdown. I then came back to mfp. Calorie counting I know works and it means I have teal flexibility with what I eat.
For the past 2 weeks I’ve lost 1lb. Mfp gives me 2280 cals a day and I walk for 40 mins which mfp says I burn 310 cals. I tend to finish each day with about 200 cals left over. I feel in control, healthier and fitter but I find it hard when the scale doesn’t shift. I weigh everyday always hoping that I will see a loss because I’m doing everything right and eventually my hard work has to show. I’m also conscious I still have another 100lbs to loose at least and would still hope to see 2-3lbs coming off each week. I guess maybe I will see the whoosh I hear people talk about I just wonder when and how you guys cope when you have a lot to loose and the scales don’t shift?


  • Iwantahealthierme30
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    you lost 76 pounds, that woosh is if you were just starting. I've lost 20 but three since starting mfp again 11 days ago.
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    It’s good to set non-weight related goals as well. Weight loss is a slow process. And there will be good weeks and bad weeks which can get frustrating. But there are a lot of ways to measure progress.

    Taking measurements is one good option. Gives you another perspective on how your efforts are changing your body.

    Also, setting fitness goals. I run so I usually have either a time or pace goal I’m working toward which gives me another thing to focus on when the scale isn’t showing the results I’d like.
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    The woosh comes when it comes!!
    It’s not just at the beginning.
    I’m also feeling demoralised right now.
    I’ve lost 5 1/2 stone and have 1 more to go but I’ve reached a plateau.
    Trust your body. If you are being honest with yourself then it will happen
    If you slip up don’t beat yourself up. Tomorrow is another day!
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    I’m going through this as well. I’m feeling frustrated about working hard, cutting calories but seeing little to no results.

    I’m into my 4th month using MFP.

    During the quarantine, seeing as how everything was closed, I could never get tempted about eating out. So it came much easier to do the right thing. But now they’ve opened up all restaurants in my town. So I’m having a hard time dealing with that. When you add the fact that i haven’t been losing as much as I used to it makes things even harder and I’m more tempted to give up.

    What I’ve been doing every day, is recognizing that this was never meant to be easy. That many many days are going to be spent fighting with myself to not over eat and over drink. I just have to deal with it and remember that I didn’t come this far, only to come this far.

    I sacrificed a lot over the past few months of doing this. I didn’t go to my friends Super Bowl party because I knew I wouldn’t be able to control myself. My boyfriend wanted to take me to Finland. I said no to that because I knew I wouldn’t keep track of calories. Some family members I haven’t seen in a while wanted to go have a night out at hard rock casino but I said no because I knew I would drink and eat too much. The list of sacrifices goes on. Lol. Anyway, all this to say that if I just gave in to temptations today, or gave up on myself, all of that would have been for nothing. The hard work would have been for nothing.

    You just have to keep on keeping on, even when it’s hard. Maybe consider weighing yourself every other day, or once a week.
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    I absolutely know the feeling of discouragement when the scale won’t budge. Here’s the thing to remember in those times: sensible eating and staying within your calorie goal is not a program you can ”quit” when you reach your goal. It’s a lifetime commitment, because if you go back to your old ways you’ll go back to your old weight. In that sense, maintaining what you already lost is a big victory as well.

    Do you have any non-scale goals that could give you the same sense of accomplishment while you figure out how to beat the plateau? Maybe a fitness goal, or incorporating a new habit into your lifestyle?
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    It helps me to always remember that weight loss is always going to occur when you're at a caloric deficit. There are obviously other factors that come into play, but I think it's important to constantly remind yourself that if you keep yourself at a deficit (even if it's just a small one), that eventually you will lose weight. Sometimes we hit a plateau for a week or so, but don't let that deter you, you still made progress!

    Another thing to consider is that weight fluctuates a lot throughout the week due to a variety of factors. You might have elevated water retention due to excess sodium, maybe you weighed yourself one day in the morning and another day in the afternoon (morning weight is your 'true weight') or perhaps you gained muscle and lost fat?

    Either way keep at it! Best wishes.
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    When I hit a flat spot I look at my logging and my exercise. If I’ve been meticulous in logging, to the point of weighing tablespoons of items, and all seems to be legit, I look at exercise. I’m 5’2”, 127#, and 65 yo F, and use a Pelaton bike for cardio. I do a 30 min class and am drenched in sweat, with my heart rate in a good range. (I’m working on losing a few more pounds after a fall and winter gain of 12).

    The bike says I should burn 200 calories. Over the years I’ve come to realize that, for me and my body, most machine estimates are too high (3 fit bits, Apple Watch, and exercise machine calories). With the Pelaton over the past 3 months I started with giving myself half the calories back, but lost too fast, so now am giving myself 75% of the calories. That seems about right. I try not to have too many calories left at the end of the day because I get too hungry. Good luck. You’ll get there if you just keep tweaking things.
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    Thank you everyone for your encouragement and support. The scales moved another pound off today so I was really pleased. I totally agree about finding other goals like the exercise. Since lockdown I’ve really enjoyed a good 40 minute walk each day. For the first week I walked 4 times and it hurt. Just been for my walk this morning and it really was a breeze in comparison it also really helps wit my mental health. I am finding as I’m sure many people are this whole pandemic so hard. I miss my family and friends so much and most days I feel so anxious and tearful. It doesn’t help that although I’m working from home there is little to do so it’s boring and I need to have something to focus my mind. I’m hoping next week to start a new job which will really help and as a key worker means my child can go to the childminder which will give him more structure. Anyway hope you’re all keeping safe. Thanks again for the support x
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    It’s a regular occurrence here and it’s depressing and demoralising. I would like to know how to get out of this rut!
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    i always feel pumped when i get into an old t-shirt and i realise how loose it is on me. it’s a good reminder how far i’ve come and not to ever go back! 💪
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    Are you logging 100% of your calories? Using a food scale? Maybe you need more water. I would try decreasing your caloric intake by 250 calories per day and see where that brings you per week for your weigh in. If that doesn't help, maybe eat an extra 100-150 calories per day to see if it can get the scale moving. It's also important to allow the body to recover for a day or two per week after exercise.
  • drivingahead
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    Thanks all. Scales have finally been kind and I’m now down another 2lbs so I’m just sticking with what I’m doing and being consistent. My emotions have been all over the place with this pandemic. I cry at the drop of a hat and feel pretty low and lonely which usually would mean I turn to food but the past week I’ve just had no desire to overeat at all it’s like I have no interest in food or anything to be honest which I know probably means I have depression so I am going to call the doctor tomorrow. Need to feel better again hate all this anxiety and panicky feeling from the moment I wake up till I go to bed. Hope you’re all okay. If anyone needs support or a friend right now please get in touch I know I could really do with a few xx
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    o:) Good morning, I could very much do with some support about this too.

    My weight has been stalling for almost 3 weeks now. I’m good at sticking to my daily allowance, I’ve only had two days where I “needed” sugary stuff (I didn’t binge).

    I can only think that I might not be logging entirely correct amount. But still...