See other members journal who have the same number of calories per day (1400)

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Hello, i'm new on Myfitnesspal, I use it since 1/2 month, and it's very usefull ! I have a 1400 diet and I would be very curious to see how other member manage to organise there food with the same kcal. I mean, with a little 1400, each ingredients become very important, and I think that If I could see others menu it could give me some idea and exemples. Is it possible or not ? And if yes, where is it ? Is there any tool of research ? Thank you !


  • tecat810
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    Hi! Feel free to add me. I fluctuate between 1300-1500 depending upon workouts and allowances for a treat or a drink.
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    I'm at 1560 but exercise and eat back my calories. You can check out my diary it's open. I restarted about 2 weeks ago I'm 5'5" 207
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    My allowance is currently 1200 which is aggressive. I have it set up to loose 2 lbs a week, but I chose to do this that way if I do go over it’s not a big deal. I would say my average is 1300-1400 calories on a normal day. It’s not too bad, i is IF as a way to eat meals that will really fill me up made with food I like. I always save room for a glass of wine as well.
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    I have my goal set to 1495 and my calories fluctuate from 1000 to 1600. 1000 calories is uncommon for me but with an extra long crazy shift at work, I have been known to be too exhausted to cook/eat dinner when I get home.
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    Hi @FloatR ! I'm tending towards a completely vegan diet (slowly but surely), do you mind if I add you as a friend as well? :)

    @kbushe3221 , @HelloItsLucie and @MichelleMcKeeRN , might I add you too? 😄

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    Hello. I'm using the app to help focus on being more mindful of my daily activities and eating patterns. I try to stay at 1000 cals per day plus my 300+ I earn from exercise. So far it works for me. I'd like to be more committed so I believe if I'm accountable on here maybe it will help.
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    @corpt6328 feel free to friend me if you'd like! My diary is opened and I log systematically everything that goes in or out my body. 😚