Calories in wine??

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Can anybody tell me the calorie count for red or white wine bottle is over 600 but for rose it's half v that?? I thought all wines were around the same?? Thanks Brenda


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    Typically, there's about 125 calories in a 5 oz glass of good red wine. Probably not much different in white but I don't drink much white.

    There are five 5 oz glasses in a bottle so there are about 625 calories in a 750 ml bottle of red.
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    Most white wines are lower calorie than red. I typically log by type of wine to account for the calorie differences.
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    I think you found an inaccurate entry in the MFP database, probably the one for the rose. The database is crowd-sourced, i.e., regular users entered most of the items there. Some are howlingly inaccurate.

    It's a good practice, when one starts using MFP, to find reliable entries (checking them against product labels or the USDA database, for example), and use those. Your frequent ones will store in your recent/frequent foods lists, and come up first when you search, so it's an investment of effort at first, but long term only new things need to be checked, generally.
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    Thank you x