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Im a former professional fighter and law enforcement..... Life hit me hard with some mental and physical struggles and I hit 200 hundo out of nowhere since I cannot move around,workout,or really like the look on me at this weight I decided to get a grip of my situation and start all over again
Im 33 from USA and very athletic
I am my worse critic!


  • KittyPryde2
    KittyPryde2 Posts: 38 Member
    A former professional fighter?!? Oh my god, that's so cool!

    I am also 33, and from the US (Texas). My brother is in law enforcement. I used to be my worst critic, and at times I still am, I'm sorry you got hit with some struggles, but we're in the right place to get things right! Good luck!!!
  • ironrobsmith
    ironrobsmith Posts: 8 Member
    Thats so cool thank you for your reply love seeing how small the world is and so many things and people alike out there.