lost 30 pounds

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It is a big deal for me because for the past 10 years or so i have done nothing but complain about my weight. I will do a diet for about two weeks and stop. yes i am still doing that but i will get right back on it. I have managed since begining of Feb. to lose 30 pounds. I am so proud of myself. the only thng that bums me is i am still in the same size jeans :( So sorry i have to rant and rave about this .


  • BeanyFrog13
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    Great job!! :D Keep it up! :)
  • inittothinit42
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    Good work!
  • Spedden
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    Thirty pounds is a lot of weight, so congratulations on that! The smaller-sized clothes will come eventually, especialy if you are increasing your exercise! :wink:
  • bbjnkidz
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    Thirty pounds is incredible! Keep it up! Soon you're jeans will be falling off, I promise!
  • Keep it up! forget the jeans, it will come! Your heart is healthier, you are kicking diabetes and many forms of cancer! Your joints are stronger and your mental health is doing a 180 for the good! way to go girl.
  • pkennedy22
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    Dear Amy, You must be proud of yourself! 30 lbs is a LOT of weight. Even if you are wearing the same size pants, I'll bet they look FABULOUS on you now. Keep up the good work!
  • amyd03
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    thanks guys.
  • womblesgirl
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    Wtg Amy your doing great :)
  • amyd03
    amyd03 Posts: 129 Member
    i bought some exersice clothing at wal mart last night that was an xl jacket. when i started i was an 3xl. i did not relazie how much i was shrinking. thank you all for your support it helps me keep on track.
  • Mikkaelaa
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    keep up the good work