Why am I gaining weight with Fitness Pal?



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    I am getting a food scale today!:smile:

    When I bought my scale I found out that not only where some of my measurements too high...others were too low. It does make a difference.
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    1. Short term gain caused by sudden increase in exercise. Your muscles are holding water to repair, and this will increase your weight.

    I haven't heard this before - is this a thing? Is it safe to say that after a few days of a new workout routine, that short term gain will be gone?
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    It sounds like you may have several different problems. First if you are being honest about what you eat and how much you may be eating the wrong type of foods. Some foods help you pack on the pounds very fast if you do not burn the calories off in the day. It takes about 3,500 calories to gain a pound. Look at what you are eating and logging in. Now that you see the idea of 3,500 calories per pound I will tell you all calories are not the same. A potato, pasta noodles and even rice will give you very basic calories. However, for most people it is the sugar that is converted to fat in these foods that will cause your weight gain. Yes I said. One potato, baked, boiled or nuked is like eating three snicker bars in one setting. The same goes for pasta and rice in different degrees. You can friend me if you want and look at my food lists. I eat everything. But I work out a lot. I have lost 80 plus pounds in six months because I figured what my trigger foods were that made me gain weight. I weigh in daily and I eat better. I know when my body weight goes up and I burn off the fat daily. It works for me. If you have questions just ask.

    I do apologise - no disrespect intended but NO! - "eating the wrong type of foods" and "one potato equals three snickers bars" - what are wrong with these statements? Well logic and common sense for one. Sure cutting potatoes, pasta and rice will help you lose weight if you replace them with say vegetables. This is not because said potatoes, pasta and rice are wrong or bad foods they are fairly calorie dense though, whereas vegetables, for the same amount have a lot less calories.

    Some people do find it easier to stick to a diet/lose weight if they eat fewer starchy carbs (me included) but others still lose weight while still eating potatoes etc - just by keeping an eye on portion size and counting calories.

    Congratulations on your weight loss 80 pounds in 6 months is absolutely amazing.
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    I'm 5 ft 2 and eating 1200 calories per MFP and I gained weight too including fat %. Religiously careful with counting all bites of food. I think petite women near menopause are just screwed. Go low carb. Otherwise I think it's a waste of time with the tracking. Some of us just have to work harder to get the Same results. Not everyone is average and you're not just a number.
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    I know this might seem trivial, but...are you exercising more? In simple terms, muscle is denser, and therefore heavier, than fat. Exercise will start to turn the fat in your body to energy to fuel the increase in muscle mass, you don't actually lose weight, you just redistribute it.