Is it possible to accidentally eat too little?

This may sound like a silly question, especially from someone who ended up overweight by eating too much, but I'm alittle curious about this. Some diets focus on particularly satiating foods (for me this is Keto or low carb or whole 30) and I find I end up feeling full and satisfied on far less food than normal. Now I know the dangers of long term undereating, but I'm curious if it's possible to do that and not even notice? Like in theory, I would think that I would either a)feel hungry or b) low energy if I was consistently undereating. Is that true do you think? Or is it really possibly to eat too low for too long if you aren't paying attention ?


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    Likely without noticing any of the hints at all? Especially in retrospect. Probably not.

    Possible because of acclimatization, genuine misinterpretation, after accidentally or deliberately ignoring, or after actively overriding the hints? Much more so.
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    I have found that my tolerance continues to decline for mistakes. I am not sure if it is my activity level now, my 2 years of weight loss, my lessened fat stores, or some or all of the above.

    The week before last I took off work to do work around the house. I thought my apple watch would capture enough of the calories from the additional activity but it did not. Even though I was eating 100 percent of my exercise calories I was still not eating enough. I was fine for days but then I crashed and I am currently on a break and eating in a surplus to counteract it. At least I assume it is a surplus.