Comment below if you want friends!!!



  • cstevenhunt
    cstevenhunt Posts: 1 Member
    Hello, I'm Steve from Tennessee
  • Csy4242
    Csy4242 Posts: 210 Member
    Hi I’m Cortney and I live in Ohio! Looking for friends to help keep each other motivated 🙂
  • shanlivestrong
    shanlivestrong Posts: 27 Member
    edited May 2020
    I'm Shannon (out of Ohio) and would love some new friends. I've been at this thing for awhile and just recently got back into the swing of things. If you're low carb or keto, that's a plus!
  • limeylynch
    limeylynch Posts: 12 Member
    Ben, England. Pretty damn Awesome
  • sherisamitchell
    sherisamitchell Posts: 1 Member
    Hi everyone!!! I'm in Maryland :)
  • StuartsGoals
    StuartsGoals Posts: 2 Member
    Hey!! New here :) I’m from the West Midlands!!
  • cazzlle74
    cazzlle74 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi all 👋🏻 feel free to add me, I’m in Adelaide, Australia - most of my friends don’t use MFP so it would be nice to have the support on here 😁 👍🏻
  • Kekibird
    Kekibird Posts: 1,122 Member
    Katie from CA.
  • Lacey_Locket
    Lacey_Locket Posts: 58 Member
    Hi 💜
    Wales, UK 🇬🇧
    Feel free to add 🌈✨
  • pallasathenas
    pallasathenas Posts: 4 Member
    I would like some friends ! I live in Europe.
    With an interest for Fitness / CrossFit
  • BodyKarate86
    BodyKarate86 Posts: 4 Member
    I’m from pei but I live in Calgary! I wouldn’t mind having a few more people to cheer on along this journey
  • LushFix
    LushFix Posts: 306 Member
    Cassandra from Canada 🇨🇦
  • Neil7905
    Neil7905 Posts: 275 Member
    Hi I'm Neil from U.K. 🇬🇧🇬🇪
  • Kimtini3
    Kimtini3 Posts: 4 Member
  • romeandrylan
    romeandrylan Posts: 101 Member
    Hey! My name is Peter from New Zealand :/
  • gcfin17
    gcfin17 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi Everyone!!

    Gabriel from Los Angeles, CA USA.

    Excited to be on here to meet like minded people and find a "tribe" of people with like minded values and goals. Also looking for an accountability partner if anyone is up for it.

    Hope everyone is in good spirits!
  • riffwalkdale
    riffwalkdale Posts: 241 Member
    Hellos from Colorado! 💚
  • jainafaith
    jainafaith Posts: 45 Member
    Hi everyone, I'm Jaina from California! Feel free to add me! Looking for more friends for motivation!
  • aayudinova
    aayudinova Posts: 15 Member
    Hi. I'm Nastya from CA.
  • Justn_83
    Justn_83 Posts: 492 Member
    Yep sure do