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  • shaunshaikhshaunshaikh Member Posts: 623 Member Member Posts: 623 Member
    Great job, looks like you're already pretty close to a healthy body fat % if not there. I also got to a place where I was happy to average 0.5 a week to 1 pound a week, which is difficult because the noise on the scale is so much larger than the weight loss. That being said, I was already well within a healthy body fat so my goals started to transition to more fitness related goals and more focus on body composition.
  • ldtamika31ldtamika31 Member Posts: 205 Member Member Posts: 205 Member
    Awesome dedication
  • Gaia85Gaia85 Member Posts: 190 Member Member Posts: 190 Member
    Wow! I loved seeing your progress as I went through the thread! You look awesome! I know the feeling of being so close to a normal BMI and it taking forever! I'm 4 lbs away and it's just not happening quick enough in my mind.

    But we'll both get there!
  • Amry1213Amry1213 Member Posts: 13 Member Member Posts: 13 Member
    Piqueaboo wrote: »

    It's been 242 days and I'm still logging every day. I'm currently 14kg (31lbs) away from my goal weight and I'm both excited and terrified because this is normally when you slow down, right? I don't want to, I just want to reach my goal and be done with it, but I know that's not how things work.

    I've slacked off working out for a while, but now steadily back on my program - I restarted and am "back" in week 5. I feel that working out is so much more enjoyable now, even though it's not my favourite thing in the world to do.

    I'm still not in the "healthy" BMI range, but it's not far. As I've created loads of mini-goals along the way, motivation hasn't really been a problem, as I hit a mini-goal every few weeks which is very rewarding. Anyway, here's a progress pic!

    WOW you are definately an inspiration!!! you're killing it!
  • xhueraxxhuerax Member Posts: 134 Member Member Posts: 134 Member
    Your progress report is awesome!! I also get discourage because the goal is so close yet so far away. But one thing I keep telling myself, " I've had this weight for over 10 years, the fact that I am losing it in this amount of time is alright." You got this!! Your determine!
  • FattieBabsFattieBabs Member Posts: 542 Member Member Posts: 542 Member
    Very inspiring and you look great. I like the fact that you listened to what your body required and didn't do anything faddy... I am getting there but slowly but can stick to one square of chocolate a day as a treat and am no longer tempted to binge. Cheese is another matter so is banned until I can control myself!
  • marty_smithmarty_smith Member Posts: 101 Member Member Posts: 101 Member
    For people like us relapsing is incredible difficult, especially when you reach your starting point again. I have just come through the other side again (lost loads 4 years ago and slowly regained) and since January i have been on a massive health kick to the point i am running further than ever and looking better too. I have lost more fat than last time aswell.

    It was daunting, but I looked back to how long it took me to reach my goal weight four years ago and it took 10 weeks to get there. When i realised that I committed to a 10 week challenge to do exercise and eat well and literally week on week i lost exactly the same amount and it worked to perfection, only this time round i kept pushing myself by joining a running club and now this month me and my partner are doing 100 burpees a day for 30 days, combined with good eating (under 2000 calories a day mostly) and going for a run/jog 3 times a week.

    Im sure you can do it, you know yourself you can. Its all about getting into the routine and your body adjusting to its new demands. It becomes normal and very manageable once you’re in the flow of it. By the end of week 2 you’re well on your way to the end goal.
  • Anahita4444Anahita4444 Member Posts: 81 Member Member Posts: 81 Member
    Looking great!
  • cugogirl2017cugogirl2017 Member Posts: 125 Member Member Posts: 125 Member
    Piqueaboo wrote: »
    Two and a half years later I wanted to update this thread once again, I’m sure some of you have been in the same place as me and may be able to share your experiences."

    You have been so honest in your posts and you have been inspirational. I know you can begin again and you will succeed. Don't get down on yourself and don't give up. I have been there too, I try to tell myself to stay on the path of the journey. You've got this! Please let us know how it goes.
  • jenwalkingfurtherjenwalkingfurther Member, Premium Posts: 152 Member Member, Premium Posts: 152 Member
    @Piqueaboo, you know you can do it. 😀

    I read your success story linked and it was very inspiring.

    My weight chart is very very wiggly and I’m trying to find my route to sustainable success too.

    Wishing you loads and loads of good luck and I hope you find your groove...
  • dhiammarathdhiammarath Member, Premium Posts: 799 Member Member, Premium Posts: 799 Member
    Hug! Sometimes life throws us curveballs, and sometimes the past becomes an insurmountable obstacle for our future selves. Try not to linger too much in what could have been, and focus on the lessons learned. Inspect your methods, inspect what lead to the re-gain, and adapt your behavior. You did it once, and you can do it again! Use the past to help define the future by lessons learned.

    You got this! Good luck! :smile:
  • yasminegyasmineg Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Amazing. Well done!!!
  • yasai75yasai75 Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member
    Your shoulders are gorgeous! I want this!
  • dsgoingtodoitdsgoingtodoit Member Posts: 479 Member Member Posts: 479 Member
    Yes, been there. You inspired me with all of your posts ...even the one where you shared where you were on 3/31st. I want your success...and I want to live without this excess weight (I have 135 lbs to get down to where I want to be) ever again. That will mean that my counting activity and calories needs to be top of mind for me as a way of life.
  • laurahalford52laurahalford52 Member Posts: 15 Member Member Posts: 15 Member
    Well done, you look absolutely amazing, i just hope I can say the same in 300 odd days, when you count it in days it doesnt seem as bad as when you say a year does it! I hope you bust through that plateau and start loosing again.
    Ive got 75lbs more to loose to hit my goal weight and at the moment that feels like a mountain but i will take your lead and just take it a day at a time. Your inspiring, thank you xx
  • baylsjembaylsjem Member Posts: 13 Member Member Posts: 13 Member
    I see a beautiful girl in all 3 photos. But I see a happier girl in the last. You go girl!!!
  • 33Freya33Freya Member Posts: 468 Member Member Posts: 468 Member
    Seems like the majority of us go back and forth, luv- You did it before, and you'll do it again. I'm right there with you <3
  • lavetteowens67lavetteowens67 Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
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