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Saggy skin/stretch marks in stomach area

presidentcarterpresidentcarter Member Posts: 17 Member Member Posts: 17 Member
Hello everyone I'm looking for suggestions on tightening the loose skin in my stomach area and reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Over the past two years, I have lost approximately 68 lbs. I went from 233 to 165 lbs. I feel good and I like the way I look in clothes but I'm having trouble with my stomach area. The skin is loose and saggy and I'm wondering what I can do to tighten it. I have already tried the collagen powder from GNC and I didn't like it. I also tried Palmer's Firming Butter. This product lightened the red/darker colored stretch marks but I'm wondering if there is a better product. Does anyone have suggestions of workouts, products, etc that may address this issue (saggy skin/stretch marks)? Thank you!


  • presidentcarterpresidentcarter Member Posts: 17 Member Member Posts: 17 Member
    Okay thanks. I didn't know the loose skin would tighten back on its own.
  • SnifterPugSnifterPug Member Posts: 343 Member Member Posts: 343 Member
    There's not much you can do except moisturise with whatever product seems appropriate and which you like. The skin will probably adapt to some degree over a year or two, as has been said, but it's anyone's guess what it will ultimately look like. I've found that stretch marks fade over time, too.
  • JazznitJazznit Member Posts: 27 Member Member Posts: 27 Member
    Unfortunately loose skin happens. There isn’t really any product you can take to tighten it up. You can build muscle, which will kind of fill in the space. But if it’s significant you would be best to save your dollars and get cosmetic surgery. But be warned plastic surgeons will want to see that you’ve maintained your weight loss for a significant time.
  • bmeadows380bmeadows380 Member Posts: 2,581 Member Member Posts: 2,581 Member
    the skin will tighten up to a degree in time and depending on how much you had and how old are you (the younger get better results than us older folks). But if you're like me with a lot of excess skin, its only going to tighten up so much. I know that even though my muffin top has shrunk considerably, its still going to be a wad of skin when I'm done :frowning:
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