Comment below if you want friends!!!



  • BrooksCL812
    BrooksCL812 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello everyone! My name is Chelsey and I live in Washington. It is always nice to have friends to help support one another in our health journey. :smiley:
  • corpsebride3406
    corpsebride3406 Posts: 13 Member
    Hey I’m Bex from Scotland looking to lose about 50lb it’s not easy as I have pcos but am determined my daughter will have a positive role model in her life xx
  • mr_swig
    mr_swig Posts: 3 Member
    My name is Samuel, I live in Australia and I would love some friends to support and motivate each other.
  • eacerda23
    eacerda23 Posts: 25 Member
    Hey everyone. I'm Ernesto, currently in South Florida. Looking for a group of friends who are looking to lose some fat and or to build lean muscle. Maybe we can share some tips, workout routines and just keep each other pumped.
  • JamalCarr
    JamalCarr Posts: 3 Member
    I would definitely appreciate more accountability partners and let me just add that I’m elated to be part of an awesome, motivated group of individuals!
  • chrisboydtaylor
    chrisboydtaylor Posts: 3 Member
    Chris from Alabama here, enjoying a beautiful spring!
  • Mahoganylit
    Mahoganylit Posts: 28 Member
    edited May 2020
    Hi All. MahoganyLit from DC. Looking for friends to help keep motivated. Looking to lose 25 lbs. it’s been a struggle. I have found that connecting with others on here have made the journey not seem so lonely. And it’s better with friends. Have an awesome day.

    Feel free to add me as a friend.
  • werewolvesinspace
    werewolvesinspace Posts: 10 Member
    edited May 2020
    Hi, I’m Amber and I’m looking to lose 25 pounds. I live in CT and would love friends. :)
  • Lupe_0
    Lupe_0 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello I’m lupe and I’m from California. I hope to make to new friends, and learn some tips on what diets work best.
  • ClimbingWolf
    ClimbingWolf Posts: 298 Member
    :# Hello world! :)
  • holly8312
    holly8312 Posts: 38 Member
    Hi, I'm Holly from the UK, just joined and looking to meet some people to chat to and keep up the motivation
  • CakeyPops234
    CakeyPops234 Posts: 33 Member
    I'd love some more UK friends if anyone wants to add me?
  • petethegamer29mfp
    petethegamer29mfp Posts: 15 Member
    Hi all. UK (Lincolnshire) based if anyone wants to add me. Only rebooted today but open diary, positivity and random posts are coming :-)
  • rainilayne
    rainilayne Posts: 6 Member
    Raini....Dallas, Texas.
  • eng_maaka1981
    eng_maaka1981 Posts: 763 Member
  • BenCHarrison1981
    BenCHarrison1981 Posts: 15 Member
    Ben, Midlands, UK
  • BritnyRanee
    BritnyRanee Posts: 10 Member
    Hey 👋🏽 Im Britny from Arizona!
  • ceelou52
    ceelou52 Posts: 31 Member
    Cyndi- Canada 🇨🇦 need friends
  • Mr_FatMan75
    Mr_FatMan75 Posts: 14 Member
    Hi from Michigan and looking for more amigos!
  • AmazingMrE
    AmazingMrE Posts: 9 Member
    Hey everyone. I'm Eifion and I live in Richmond BC. Add at your own free will 😁