I need a buddy!

I’m 49. I’ve been great with eating and exercising for about 15 years. But I have a need for a buddy too! I lost both parents and started to slip over the past few years. I’m short and small, my goal is only to lose 3-5 pounds but I want to gain muscle and get stronger. I’m having trouble understanding the whole Macro and Carn/Protein/Fat ratio that’s best for me. Help!


  • CaffeinatedConfectionist
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    Feel free to add me - I'm 35, also short, have been lifting for about eight years. I'm no means an expert, but I do my due diligence in terms of reading and research in the fields of nutrition and fitness. I'm also a grad student in public health with RA positions in obesity prevention and physical activity & health studies, so I have a vested professional interest as well as personal.
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    Let me know if I can help