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I am nearly 40 and finally understand the whole calorie deficit thing thanks for MFP. Average pound a week off and I am over half way to target, had getting on for 5 stone to loose to a healthy weight. I log EVERYTHING and with an eye on eventual maintainence I am wondering how long some of you have been logging daily and how long for? Can’t see me ever stopping which is what made me wonder.. 🤔


  • amusedmonkey
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    7 years.

    Lost to goal weight over a 10 month time span in 2013 and been logging in maitenance ever since.

    But I do log loosely these days - lots of estimates, law of averages, that sort of thing.

    and if I go on vacation I stop logging altogether for a week or so.

    Yeah, some days my logging is looser. for example, I might log a multi ingredient salad as one ingredient (for example, all vegetables logged as tomatoes) and such. Other days I log everything including a squeeze of lemon juice or a cup of plain tea. No reason, I'm just more curious about nutrients some days than others.
  • spiriteagle99
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    As someone whose weight yoyoed up and down 30-50 lbs. for most of my life, I decided that the best way for me to keep from regaining all the weight I had lost was to continue to log my food and to weigh myself regularly. I've been tracking on MFP for at least 6 years. Like others, I'm a bit loose in my logging, with guestimates rather than using a food scale, but the fact that I list what I eat every day keeps me from going overboard most of the time. When we travel, I don't log but as soon as I get home I weigh myself and start logging again.
  • MadisonMolly2017
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    I’ve been logging everything I eat (and weighing it) since sept 2017 & off and on before that from January 2016.

    I don’t plan to stop especially now that I know what calories I can eat to maintain.

    The food scale is simply a habit. I actually get to eat more when I weigh my food because if I don’t, I add 100’s of additional calories to be sure it’s enough.

    I track my macros & micro trends to keep my food choices healthier.

    It’s easier for me to do with copy meal functions & because I eat a lot of the same foods over the course of a week so they pop up quickly on search.

    I was obese from my teen years until 10/2017 and then overweight until 5/2018.
    I’ll do anything to remain healthy & normal weight. Tracking & daily exercise seem like comparatively small prices to pay.
  • jeanettemahon499
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    Like many others, I reached target weight on MFP (2014), and have tried to stay within maintenance limits to control my weight. Apart from holidays and the odd wobble, I am still same weight (give or take a pound). I realise that I have a good idea what food contains, and will always opt for low cal or healthy option when eating. When I feel bloated or gain ( I weigh about once every 3-4 weeks), I log back in and recommence, which is ideal for me. Incidentally, my sister has similar story to me, but she prefers to be good Mon-Fri and lets herself go weekend-works for her! Guess its what suits us individually doesn't it? But you cannot beat how good it feels to take control and see the weight come off albeit really slowly sometimes, so to anyone reading this, well done and keep it up!!!
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    At maintenance for 7 years, logged for the first 3 and not had to since then but still mentally keep a tab of my calories mentally - I'm a creature of habit, eat the same kinds of things day in, day out and am also active in general which helps too.
  • psychod787
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    At maintenance for 7 years, logged for the first 3 and not had to since then but still mentally keep a tab of my calories mentally - I'm a creature of habit, eat the same kinds of things day in, day out and am also active in general which helps too.

    and look all pretty like doing it! :wink:
  • brenn24179
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    logging since 2013 and it is the only way I can keep my weight down, that and weighing daily. I love to eat and dont seem to have a full button, wish I didnt have to but it is better than getting fat.
  • ridiculous59
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    I started logging in 2013 and lost 90 pounds over 3 years. I still log every day, both my food and exercise. I've allowed 10 pounds to creep on the last couple of years and they are a constant battle. I can't imagine what would happen if I completely stopped logging. I'm an older female so my maintenance is only 1500 calories (before exercise) therefore I don't have a lot of wiggle room to play with. For me, logging is just part of my life.
  • AustinRuadhain
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    I still log. I started the journey toward the end of 2017, and started logging in 2018. I lost over 130 pounds and am now working to build muscle (!).

    It is so, so clear to me now, that there is no graduation. No arrival and then getting to coast. If I do that, the scale will creep back up. So here I am, still logging!
  • mtaratoot
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    rosiekin wrote: »
    Have been on MFP 'religiously' since Jan 2014 but this is my first post! Had been overweight and on diets most of my adult life and my weight fluctuated up and down by 5 stone or so for 30 plus years. Have successfully maintained my current 6.5 stone weight loss since early 2015 and I log every day. I know it can be a bit obsessive but it keeps me accountable and makes sure I'm not eating too much or too little. Personally I can't see a time when I won't log unless I fall off the wagon and can't face the music. Hopefully that won't happen but even after 5 years plus of maintenance, I'd never say never!

    P.S. I see it says this is my 2nd post, I've no idea when the 1st one was!

    Looks like you posted twice back in 2014. First was to ask a question about carbs/sugar, and then later to thank folks for replying.

    Five years in maintenance is something to celebrate. Congratulations! May you keep it up indefinitely, and logging doesn't have to be obsessive to be successful.