Open Diaries 2020

Just what it says in the title!

Post here if you have an open food diary and want more friends on your feed. Feel free to add additional information if you want.

I'll start: I'm 5'4, going from 145 lbs to 115-120, and currently around 138. I'm trying to incorporate more exercise into my day, so I'd love to see more people burning 500+ calories daily on my feed!


  • Numer1ca
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    I just made the commitment to open my diary to friends.
  • CaffeinatedConfectionist
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    edited May 2020
    My diary is open and I do my own cooking 95% of the time, but the vast majority of my calories are spent between ~3pm and 10pm, which I think makes my diary less generally helpful to people.

    I do train regularly, however. I do a 4x/week power/hypertrophy lifting routine and some form of cardio most days. I'm working on incorporating more flexibility and mobility work into my routine but it's taking longer than expected to make it stick. 🙄 I also do outdoor activities like hike, camp, and kayak, though this year is unsurprisingly atypical. I usually burn 400-800 in intentional exercise depending on the day, though do track using the TDEE method rather than MFP's.
  • MeisjeandDanny
    MeisjeandDanny Posts: 22 Member
    My diary is open as well! Feel free to add me!

    Im 5,5, started at 160lb 4 weeks ago, my goal for now is around 125/130ish.
    No idea what I am right now, only weighing in every 5 weeks 😊
  • sandhillsmom
    sandhillsmom Posts: 319 Member
    My diary is open, feel free to add me anytime.
  • gallicinvasion
    gallicinvasion Posts: 1,015 Member
    My diary is open; I’m in maintenance. I log my food every single day. I don’t log exercise because I manually set MFP to my estimated average TDEE, so it’s included already. Feel free to friend me!
  • Jana_2020
    Jana_2020 Posts: 1,208 Member
    Hello, I've just opened my diary to friends. I started 2weeks ago. Always happy to have MFP friends to share the journey with. Anyone can feel free to Friend Request me!
  • snowdancer03
    snowdancer03 Posts: 238 Member
    My diary is open. I'm 5'4", started at 150 and GW of 135.
  • JanetLT75
    JanetLT75 Posts: 21 Member
    Feel free to add me, diary always open. I was maintaining but stopped tracking, tracking is the only thing that works! 11lb to get my goal again.
  • hdj201118
    hdj201118 Posts: 8 Member
    Hi everyone! I just started MFP. I don’t eat the healthiest. I’m trying to do better. 5’9 231 lbs. I need more friends to keep me going.
  • cesse47
    cesse47 Posts: 947 Member
    I'm 72. Start weight = 308 end of March. Currently at 290. Belong to 3 groups this time around and find it really helpful. My diary is open so feel free to add me if you wish.
  • emalethmoon
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    My diary is open. I eat around 1200/day. I'm at 209lbs trying to get to 150 by this winter.
  • Julierpurvis
    Julierpurvis Posts: 2 Member
    Julierpurvis add me 😃
  • jnhmama
    jnhmama Posts: 10 Member
    Me 💕
  • chantellejacobs
    chantellejacobs Posts: 2 Member
    Need to lose 40lbs and would love to see others strategies for eating in their diaries!
  • HeidiCooksSupper
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    My diary is open. My present calorie target is 1525. We live where our dinners are delivered so I am sometimes picking things that are closest match since I can't know what they are doing in the kitchen. I do know they try to be low sodium and fairly low fat.
  • blue_killen
    blue_killen Posts: 26 Member
    diary is open, was able to burn almost 800 a couple days ago, that's probably the most I've achieved. but most days is about burning 300. not currently trying to lose weight just trying to maintain/get healthy