Starting over.. Again 😊

Anyone else starting again? Add me and we can support each other. I find doing it on your own is less successful


  • dramaqueen45
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    You can add me! I started several times on here about 9 years ago, then for real in 2014. Lost 55 pounds over a year and a half. Maintained it for the most part for about two years and then had a very very stressful year and put on 20 pounds. This past year with the whole coronavirus and the stress of that added another 10-15. I started (again) around May 11 and have lost about 6 so far with the goal of losing 30 total (not going to get down as low as I did in 2016- I was a little too thin and I'm too old to get as thin as I was in my early 20s). So- what's your story? This is the only thing that has worked for me long term and I've tried a LOT of different things. Just want to get to a sweet spot in maintenance where I don't have to count every single bite. But in maintenance I'm either very strict and restrictive or I'm eating everything under the sun. So finding that balance is my struggle. But for now- counting everything and hoping to be down to my goal by about October.