Just Say “NO” to 40

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About 8 years ago I did a “Just say NO to 30 post”. I had just turned 30 and I was smoking a pack a day and in the worst shape of my life. Turned that all around and got really fit. 4 years into being healthy and fit I injured my back and could not get it recovered. A year ago I was convinced to do physical therapy couples with Chiropractics & Massage Therapy. I started seeing some progress with the pain. I made it back into the gym and stayed there. Despite the exercise, my diet had been so poor I had hit my heaviest weight of 228 this January. I made a commitment to get in the best shape of my life before I turn 40 this year. I completely changed my diet using MyFitnessPal, and lost 45lbs. Now I’m 183lbs and feel like I’m in my best shape. Here are my before and now pics.



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    Ha! I noticed the smile first then the amazing accomplishment then also noticed that you have painted your walls since the before and after pics 🤦

    Congratulations!!!!!!! Amazing transformation.
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    Fabulous !!
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    Well done!
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    Great job!!
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    You look amazing! Your smile is gorgeous 😊
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    The 40s get pooped on a lot as a challenging decade of life. Meanwhile, it looks like you're just starting your best decade. Good on you!
  • That's what's up!

    Great job!
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    Hell yes!!! Good for you!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
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    Awesome, you look great
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    Welcom to the 40s!
    Nice job. Very inspiring!
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    Welcome to the 40's amd amazing work!
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    You look fantastic ! Great job !
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    Wow great smile! And wow what progress! So inspiring! Well done!
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    Yep adding to the great smile group.
    But also omg!!! Look at those guns!!!
    You look incredible! I'm so glad you found a solution to a longstanding back injury.
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    Looks like you went from Dad Bod to Rad Bod. Nice work! And welcome to one of your best decades! I turn 41 in a couple weeks and I've never felt better, even at "only" halfway to goal weight.