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Before my journey restarted last week, a lot of how I ate was snacking until full, mostly chips and dips. Sometimes I miss this, and wouldn't mind some better alternatives for snacking. I've also noticed I'd do this more on my (one) day off a week, because I don't feel like cooking. I don't like chickpeas but I'll eat hummus, go figure. There are two things I absolutely won't eat...watermelon and mango. Anything else I'll consider.


  • spr931
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    Mango is soooo yummy...but I cant eat it. I'm allergic to it. Watermelon is pretty good too. Almonds are fabulous to snack on.
  • GreenValli
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    What are you craving? Something sweet? Something salty? Something crunchy?
    Something sweet can be fruit. Summer is a great time to experiment and try different fruits.
    Something crunchy can be celery, how about with peanut butter, thinly spread.
    How about popcorn?
    Make sure you are measuring and logging your food, too.
  • AnnPT77
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    Pickled veggies. Crispy broad beans (or crispy chickpeas, if only you liked chickpeas ;) ). Puppdums. String cheese. Hard boiled eggs. Raw veggies with yogurt dip (use plain Greek yogurt, season with any spices you like). Cottage cheese and fruit. Crackers and chevre. Crackers and marmite (if you like marmite). Dry-roasted soybeans. Frozen fruit mixed with plain Greek yogurt and chocolate peanut butter powder. Yasso Greek yogurt bars (frozen). Home made juice/fruit popsicles. Any fresh fruit.
  • River314
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    These are some good ideas. Usually I crave something salty or crunchy. Today (Tuesday) at lunch I had a pouch of tuna with dill pickle slices for crunch and fresh cherries for dessert. It was really good!
  • HeidiCooksSupper
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    An ounce of salted nuts eaten slowly is pretty filling and can satisfy the crunchy-salty yen.
  • ChrysalisCove
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    I struggle with snacks, too. I crave crunchy, fatty, or salty things and have to actively avoid reaching for chips & salsa or crackers with peanut butter / cheese because I cannot portion control those things appropriately.

    Unfortunately, I absolutely hate many of the oft-recommended “healthy snacks”. Roasted chickpeas, edamame, raw vegetables of nearly any kind, dried or canned meats, hard-boiled eggs, rice cakes, popcorn, cottage cheese, almonds, anything vinegary or pickled, avocado, cherry tomatoes, seeds... apparently I’m picky! 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Some options that work for me are:
    Deli meat roll-ups (w/ or w/o cheese)
    Roasted pepper hummus w/ pita bites
    Single-serving hard cheeses
    Mandarin oranges
    Salted cashews
    Sweet gherkin pickles
  • dramaqueen45
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    Sweet pickles for something sweet with a little bit of crunch.
    Air popped popcorn for a high fiber low calorie snack.
    A banana is always good if you're craving something sweet as it's high in natural sugar.
    Puffed rice chips flavored with caramel is nice and sweet and crunchy but you have to watch that you don't eat too many.
    An apple is low calorie, high fiber so it fills you up and also has some crunch and sweetness.