ReStarting this journey....

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I used to do this 4 years ago. I lost actually 114 lbs in little over a year. I'm proof it does work. All I did was calorie count and exercise..... and drink a lot of water (lol).

It was great then it wasn't. My mind never really caught up with my body and I felt like I still looked bad for a lot of the time I was 'healthy-looking'. When I did start getting confident about my body finally some friends I had on my list in here said I was being "slutty"... because I posted a bikini pic for the first time in my life. Yeah, I had someone's wife write me a nasty message saying her husband isn't allowed to be friends with me and all this really nasty stuff. I felt terrible. I didn't post the picture for anyone really but to be proud of myself. I never ever wore a bikini till that day. So I kind of re-treated to hiding myself. It really sucked when I did finally lose the weight all these people came out of the woodwork on my social media to hang out, tell me I'm pretty, support my goals, ask me out, want to go get dinner... like it was like wow I was really invisible until I was "skinny". It just made me sad and hesitant to be friends. I felt like I had no value to society until I was the 'right-size'. That didn't help my mental state. Then my dad passed away, then my mom got cancer, my best friend turned into a crazy psycho... basically a soap opera mixed with country-western song lol. Over the 4 years due to stress and depression I gained a lot back. But I'm no quitter. I know it possible and I can do this. I'm doing this again and hoping I make some positive non-toxic friends on here this time around. I'm a pretty positive person and I'm the best cheerleader for others around me if you need a friend in return.

I'm from Pittsburgh pa. I work in health insurance. I'm married, 1.5 years. I want to enjoy the journey this time as I lose weight. I want to appreciate it and love me. I want to learn better ways of coping with stress, anxiety, and depression. Have a realistic support system.

I want to get my breasts reduced but not till I'm back down to my goal weight so it's easier on me. So that's my "goal" reward.

Anyways, be safe everyone and glad to be back!


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    Same here!
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    I am starting to use the app again. I have been doing ok with weight loss do to my diabetes medication and activities I do but need to help myself get of the medication and loose weight.
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    Wow. People can be so rude! You worked hard to get that body that fit in that bikini. You did all the work and if you felt like you wanted to post some pictures to show off all your HARD WORK, so be it. There will ALWAYS be people in this world that will judge and be hateful/jealous no matter WHAT you do. Dust that off girl and add me as a friend. You need positive vibes and no judgment from those who claim to be your *pals* on here. I applaud you for getting to that goal and applaud you again for coming back! When you find a better way of dealing with stress... you let me know. Same with Depression. I DO have some things I work on/do when both hit me. Anyhow... Happy Hump Day and when you get some time... add me as a friend. :blush:
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    Right, the more I think about it now the more I know that person/people were just being *kitten*. I do miss feeling good about what I wore at the time. I traveled the world for a year and a half but I didn't take any pictures of me because I hated me and how I looked. I regret that, but I miss liking myself enough to want to be in a picture. I got married in court because I didn't want a dress fitting scenario that made me feel self-conscious and pictures I didn't want to see myself how I look. I put off having a real party and pictures till "one day" I'll feel good about me again. I don't want to keep missing out on stuff.
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    Learn to love yourself no matter where you are in life. Life will not wait until we reach our dream weight. Most of us have endured the slings and arrows of someone. There will always be pecking order in the chicken coop but you can mentally distance yourself from it. Let all of that posting past fade right into the background.

    In life or social media, it all boils down to being scared of whether others like us or not. Learn how to detach by avoiding those old emotional triggers.
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    We are on the same boat. Good luck!!
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    Be healthy and sexy for yourself not what society claims to be the “right size”.... all the best!
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    Welcome back lady!!

    I did the same thing - meaning joined again after being away from it for a long time. Maybe we were on at the same time back then!

    Hopefully you’re having a fantastic weekend annnnd have an amazing Sunday!! And ummm Go Penguins!!! Sorta - maybe just go Crosby!!! Since I’m Canadian and have to respect him for the rest of my life due to that gold medal game in Vancouver 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻