Help with MACROS and fat loss

Hey Everyone, I'm new to MFP. I'm 38 and I weight 195 lbs. I'm 5'9 and a pretty stocky guy. Body fat is maybe 27%. Mostly have a semi beer gut and dbl chin. My goal is to lose body fat and get fit. I exercise 5 days a week 30-60 minutes. After lots of research I setup my macros as follows with a 500 cal deficit for weight loss. CAL: 1,600 CARBS: 25% (100g) FAT: 20% (36g) PROTEIN: 55% (220g). I'm finding it nearly impossible to eat that much protein. I caved in and purchased a bunch of different vegan protein powders (WHEY messes my system up). I'm drinking 3-4 protein drinks a day each ranging from 20g-30g of protein a day to try and hit my macros and still struggling. Instead of loosing weight I'm gaining weight. Not just b/c of increased muscle mass. My waist line is bigger. Should I be drinking that much protein? Am I doing something wrong?


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    The 500 calorie deficit is spot on and you are well-positioned to lose that beer gut and double chin. So many people come through here like "I'm going to eat three pieces of lettuce and a piece of tofu, and work out 5 hours per day, is this a good plan?" But you're already ahead of the game by setting a reasonable deficit you'll be able to live with. At 168 pounds you will be at a Normal BMI, and could achieve that in approximately 27 weeks with that deficit. Good stuff.

    55 % protein sounds absurd; no wonder you are having trouble choking it all down! I agree with @cmriverside , 40/30/30 is a good macro split and a worthy generic, all-purpose starting point. Some of us fine-tune the macros to our own tastes and proclivities. I don't pay much (i.e. "any") attention to macro goals, but have noticed over time that I'm usually 35 % carb, 35 % fat, 30 % protein. Definitely not feeling deprived of meat with that ratio. I really think 30 % is plenty.

    PS Macros don't make any difference for weight loss. tbh you could just eat whatever you want, stick to your calorie target, and lose the desired weight. If it were me, I'd start by throwing out all the supplement garbage and putting all 1600 calories into real, healthy, satisfying food that you actually enjoy - stuff that grows, swims or walks, with the occasional treat to keep you motivated. Unless you're going to consume vegan protein powders and protein drinks for the rest of your life (which you won't), just bin them and treat your diet like the beginning of the rest of your life with food, which it is. Develop new habits that you will stick with. Don't waste your time eating things that you won't stick with for the next bunch of decades.
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    That’s a crazy amount of protein. I agree with everyone above. 40% carbs, 30% fat and carbs is fine.
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    Not only is that a lot of protein. It surely translates to an awful lot of calories. How do you have any room in your budget to eat real food? Or are you saying you're drinking the protein on top of the 1600 calories per day? It sounds like you're making weight-loss harder on yourself and your wallet than it needs to be.
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    I had hit a plateau and wasn't loosing and weight when I came across this
    “5 Biggest Fat Loss Mistakes”, Phase One.
    I changed my micros according to this article. Now I'm back on track.
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    That’s a crazy amount of protein. I agree with everyone above. 40% carbs, 30% fat and [protein] is fine.

    Yup, or 0.8-1 g of protein per lb of goal weight.