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Women, your weight for a UK size 8?

aa2300aa2300 Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member
I am 5’6 and about 9 stone 3 pounds, a definite UK size 8 in everything. I was 10 stone before (heaviest I’ve ever been) but still a size 8, very occasionally a 10. My goal is to be around 8.7 stone.

Anyone else I’ve asked or online i feel like I’m really heavy for a size 8. Most women my weight are a 10.

Is this unusual? Or am I heavy for 5’6?


  • yirarayirara Member Posts: 5,315 Member Member Posts: 5,315 Member
    Quite honestly, I never fitted into a UK size 8 pant at 57kg and a tiny bit taller than you. I prefer shirts to be in size 10 as I have wide shoulders. *shrugs* Everybody's bodyshape is different.
  • netitheyetinetitheyeti Member Posts: 395 Member Member Posts: 395 Member
    I've recently discovered that in tops/dresses, apparently around 58kg (my current weight), I'm still in, I think, roughly a size 10 for trousers/jeans because I'm pear shaped. I'm also fairly short (159cm). Honestly I wouldn't even worry about this kinda stuff, everyone carries their weight in different places and some of us are built more narrow/wide than others. At my absolute smallest I was looking at XXS tops but still had to go up 1-2 sizes for jeans purely due to how wide my hips are (bone, not even fat).

    I was honestly kinda surprised, I've recently gotten into vintage style dresses that I've been ordering online from places based in the UK, ordered one in a 10 because I figured 8 might be tight (looking at the size charts) and I can't wear it because it's so visibly loose around my chest :/
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