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mkeatonmom4mkeatonmom4 Member Posts: 36 Member Member Posts: 36 Member
I don’t always have my iPhone on me. I also don’t have a Fitbit or any other device that connects to my iPhone. I do have a small pedometer but it doesn’t connect to anything. My question is can I manually log my steps and if so how do I accomplish this. Thank you.


  • GummiMundiGummiMundi Member Posts: 192 Member Member Posts: 192 Member
    You can't log the number of steps, but you can log "walking" as an exercise.
    Go to the Exercise tab, under "Cardiovascular" click on "Add exercise", then search the database for an entry that corresponds to your average speed. Put in the number of minutes you walked (your pedometer probably has that information), and it'll be added as exercise.
  • TeaBeaTeaBea Member Posts: 14,295 Member Member Posts: 14,295 Member
    Keep in mind you do get a step allowance included in your activity, so you don't want to log all your steps as exercise.

    Here's a link to activity levels based on steps:

    Another option is to change your activity level to match.
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  • fairy_daisyfairy_daisy Member Posts: 215 Member Member Posts: 215 Member
    @TeaBea Thanks for the link. Those aren’t quite the same activity level options as we get in MFP, do you know if there’s any guidance on what sort of step counts they expect here for each level?
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