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Here goes nothing

xxfate19887xxxxfate19887xx Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
Hi this is hard for me because im a very private person but i feel like someone may have good information for me on here. Basically I just started my diet and exercise routines 5 days ago and have been hitting my goals and exercising for 65 to 75 minutes everyday. My concern is I got curious and weighed myself today and I am the exact same weight from where I started. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any feedback and goodluck everyone.


  • harper16harper16 Member Posts: 2,035 Member Member Posts: 2,035 Member
    You aren't necessarily doing anything wrong. You can't base anything off of five days.
  • Hollis100Hollis100 Member Posts: 925 Member Member Posts: 925 Member
    My weight goes up and down by several pounds every day. I'm in maintenance, but when I was actively losing I would weigh at the same time every morning, after I used the bathroom and before I ate or drank anything. Your weight can also fluctuate with new exercise -- our bodies retain fluid to heal tiny tears in the muscles. Just keep at it. You're doing all the right things.
  • 88olds88olds Member Posts: 3,491 Member Member Posts: 3,491 Member
    Your experience is a fairly common one here. The short answer is that newly stressed muscles retain water.
  • minibagz1203minibagz1203 Member Posts: 33 Member Member Posts: 33 Member
    my weight seems harder to lose when I don't drink enough water. It makes 0 sense to me. But if I dont drink at least 8, 8oz cups of water the pounds will not go
  • Go_DeskerciseGo_Deskercise Member Posts: 1,327 Member Member Posts: 1,327 Member
  • xxfate19887xxxxfate19887xx Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Quick Update-

    Thank guys I ended up losing 3.5 lbs in 10 days and now im at day 14 of 365 and working out everyday and staying under my calorie goals. I appreciate the advice, good luck to everyone.
  • fstricklfstrickl Member Posts: 254 Member Member Posts: 254 Member
    Don’t forget to rest! Good job on your commitment.
  • xxfate19887xxxxfate19887xx Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Thanks guys im down 5lbs in 2.5 weeks so far
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