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Fitbit and exercise calories

LynnJ9LynnJ9 Member, Premium Posts: 409 Member Member, Premium Posts: 409 Member
Sorry fitbit experts, I am sure you have answered this before, but first, please let me know if what I am thinking is true.
Fitbit measures your steps, and based on your steps, MFP adds exercise calories. If you say you are sedentary, it will add calories sooner than if you are active.
If you record an exercise, MFP will record those calories as exercise calories, but it will deduct that many calories from the step calories, because it will assume that you are adding steps while doing the exercise.
If this is true, then here us my second wuestion; how do you adjust the exercise calories for activities that do not affect the steps? Today I rode 9 miles on a stationary bike. It did not record as any steps on the fitbit. I then walked 12000 steps. Now normally 12000 steps will give me about 400 calories. Today my 12000 steps recorded only about 140 calories and then recorded my stationary bike calories.
I know it isn't a big deal, I know how much exercise I did, but I just wondered if there is a way to add exercise calories that will just go on top of the step calories.


  • dougiidougii Member Posts: 658 Member Member Posts: 658 Member
    This is one of the many reasons that I do not link any fitness tracker to MFP (they have enough issues just trying to keep the site itself working). I have always added my exercise calories manually in which case you can get the totals that you actually achieve. Currently I am using an Apple Watch and am recording the prior days "Move" calories as my total burn for the day when I first log in. A day behind but I believe a much more realistic accounting of my actual burns.
  • ritzvinritzvin Member, Premium Posts: 2,696 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,696 Member
    Some/most/all will calculate a total calorie expenditure based on what the device (and only the device sees) and the adjustment will set MFP's total to equal that. (ie anything not quantified by the device may be negated regardless of time period).
  • LynnJ9LynnJ9 Member, Premium Posts: 409 Member Member, Premium Posts: 409 Member
    Thank you all for your insight
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