Key to eating less but feeling full?

I have been dieting and tracking my calories for 3 weeks now and consistently seem to hit around 2200 a day, but would like to hit around 1600-1800 to see faster weight loss (unrestrained I was eating as much as 3500 calories a day). Any tips for low calorie dense foods I can bulk up on during the day to feel full while eating less calories? Thanks in advance 😊😊😊


  • Kga1979
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    Almonds, avocado and peanut butter! Try a banana with a tbs of peanut butter or a small scoop of almonds, or a quarter of an avocado - all good healthy fats and will fill you up!
  • Stephiecat016
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    I will defs check out that thread, thanks heaps!
    Would I have the healthy fats as a snack or shortly before meals so I'm not as hungry?
    Thanks for replying and giving advice 😊 I haven't spoken with a dietician, I mostly have just cut fast food out completely and am cooking everything at home and trying to put as many veggies into stuff as I can! Also trying to stick to whole grains as they appear to be better? So not having any white bread or rice.
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    Lots of vegetables, leafy greens especially. Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbages. Make sure you are getting protein and healthy fats, I find a big bowl of greens with a small amount of a plant based dip. Avocados are great, they are good with salad. Plus the fats help absorption of the nutrients in veggies. Other good options-, stews, soups and fiber .
    Definitely look at the volume eaters thread. Some people find intermittent fasting can help. Hydration too.
  • Stephiecat016
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    Thanks everyone, advice is really appreciated 😊😊😊
  • Stephiecat016
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    After reading the volume eaters thread I think I might definitely take on board that style of eating, I crave the feeling of being full but just didn't want to keep adding calories to achieve that! I'm also trying to be mindful to keep up my water intake as I have read you can mistake thirst for hunger 🤔
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    Thanks so much everyone, this community is so inspiring and supportive 🥰🥰
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    I am coming from noodle and rice loving country. They have a lot of calories (no wonder I'm so chubby!), and recently I have started substituting them to shirataki rice or noodle. I like to make them into soup as boiling food makes less calories than frying it, and the broth is nutritious and fulfilling. It works perfectly for me. Oatmeals are also good. I usually make smoothies or overnight oats. My usual breakfast smoothie recipe use oatmeal, raspberry, and kiwi, a bit below 200 calories and can last me for about 4 to 5 hours before I feel hungry again.
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    Everyone is different but when I do the lower carb foods I feel fuller, I still watch the calories but they seem to "stick" better for ME, an apple as someone suggested above would send me into hunger overdrive 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    Low calorie dense is an unusual term and seems to be confusing some people. Calorie dense means HIGH calories for the volume and LOW calorie means less calories.
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    Volume eater here! I love a big plate of food, I'd rather have a big plate of healthy food than say a tiny burger that works out the same calories, because I like feeling satiated. I just cook the normal food I like but replace half the calorie dense ingredients with veggies. Eg spaghetti Bolognese: halve the amount of beef mince (5% fat or lower) and replace with loads of mushrooms. Halve the amount of pasta and replace with frozen veg that I can throw in the pan at the same time, broccoli is my favourite. Then you've got the same volume of food, the same flavours from the sauce, seasoning etc, but you've slashed the calories.
  • Stephiecat016
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    Thanks everyone, I have started incorporating lots more veggies into my meals and am also now attending gym classes, fingers crossed I start to see more progress 🤗🤗🤗
  • darreneatschicken
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    chicken breast, white fish, and pork chops
  • psuLemon
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    There are two methods that work for me, volume eating and keto. The middle ground is a wasteland where i can be hungry on a 3000 calorie a day whole food diet.
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    I found that eating more protein helped.
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    I’ve recently (passed 1.5 months) really focused on eating healthy to feel full. Like most folks have said, it’s been an increase in produce, whole grains, and proteins. My calorie goal is around what yours is too. Feel free to friend me and creep my diary for meal ideas If you like. I’m definitely not perfect but I won’t let that stop me!