Reaching 200g protein/day on mostly veg diet.

Would love some advice or any good ideas I could try.

Please don't quiz me on amount of protein or why I'm doing a part veg diet etc.


  • Hanibanani2020
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    Legumes, vegan protein powder, green leafies, and nuts are all high protein.
  • DaddieCat
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    Seitan is my go-to eatable. Otherwise, I'd likely supplement powders. 200 is a lot, but it's do-able. I've eaten that amount of protein on a plant-based diet, but it often requires some extra planning/math to keep carbs from blowing up since they are included in most plant-based proteins.
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    Chickpeas, black beans, seeds, nuts, protein powder some of my go to's to help me reach my protein goals everyday.

    I have creative ways of sneaking these items into my foods. Making protein smoothies and stir fry are great ways.

    Also for example with chickpeas I use it as a base for my veggie burgers and I make this choco chip and peanut butter "cookie dough" bar with it. Sounds weird I know, but it's good to me and it helps me to add more calories to my day. And with protein powder I add it to my oatmeal, I make protein bars etc.

    However I do eat farm fresh eggs a couple times per week and make omelettes, french toast, breakfast sandwiches etc. and that helps as well.
  • MaltedTea
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    Tempeh, nutritional yeast
  • GeneralSTpower
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    You need to put out more info to get the most out.
    Anyways, beans, legumes, chickpea, nuts are the main vegan ones. But yeah,200 is a lot so would definitely recommend a vegan protein powder.
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    I did some searching and stumbled across this thread today. My daily protein goal is about 100 grams. I've input for the day and am at 77 grams, but right up to the limit with fat, sugar, and calories. I'm a sometime pescetarian (as in, "Hmmm, it's been a month or so; maybe I should have some fish!), which I could step up, but it's always a huge challenge - trying to balance out all the food groups and making healthy choices. I do have protein powder and do things with that, but of course it also adds calories, so you have to monitor that.

    Anyway, just chiming in to say that I am grateful beyond words - well, almost! - for the spreadsheet and am expecting that to make a big difference in my choices. My protein comes primarily through nuts and then cheese, eggs, and tofu. (I used to put beans into my daily salads plus use hummus as salad dressing, but things got more restrictive on the diet phase. That can start up again.) This has likely accounted for how slow my weight loss was (just started maintenance today; it took me more than 10 months to lose 35 pounds to get to my goal of 105). But it's never too late! So thanks.