COVID lockdown success

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After 10+ weeks of working (and working out) at home with no access to a gym, I managed to lose 2 pounds! I've been back in the office now for 3 weeks and started a new habit of packing my lunch everyday - much healthier than the options in the cafeteria.

It's a small victory, but when the lockdown started, I was really worried about how I would cope. Anyone else have a silver lining in this terrible time?


  • thelastnightingale
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    This is the first time I’ve committed properly to calorie counting which is so much easier when I can track and measure exactly what I’m eating, rather than just give up when I’m eating out or other people offer me food. In some ways that’s a little sad, but I think it’s what I need right now, and I’m enjoying finding new ways to socialise which don’t revolve around eating! Before the pandemic, my default socialising was often meeting up for coffee and cake, but now it’s a local walk - that’s a definite win!

    I relate to this. I'm doing well now, but my greatest challenge is going to be how I 'reintegrate into food society.'

    Future problem!
  • charmmeth
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    Lock down has been a miniature lose-gain-lose cycle for me. When we first went into lockdown, before Easter (when I was off chocolate and alcohol for Lent) I was back down to 81kg, which puts me at the very top of my normal bmi range. Then I completely binged on Easter chocolate and my weight shot up to over 88kg which is about as high as it has ever been (195lb). Then I bought a ballet barre and a rowing machine and started to lose again. I was doing really well and then was allowed to travel to be back with my husband. Weight loss has slowed down (it's harder to keep the exercise up and the alcohol calories down when I am with my wine-connoisseur husband). At present, I am back down to just above 84kg and aiming to make it to 83.5kg in the next week.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    Yep both me and my husband lost weight during lock down - not that I was trying to with being in maintenance for years but we did so many projects around the house it was a nice side effect. And hubby lost 20lbs although since he's been back at work now 4 weeks he's already gained back 5...
  • AwesomeSquirrel
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    Lockdown has been pretty good to me. Weight loss stalled for a bit but I’m now down 9 kg from 1 March (from 107kg to 98kg).

    More importantly I have worked on my fitness.

    - I started C25K in April and now regularly run up to 7km three times per week.
    - I managed to more strongly commit to daily yoga during WFH
    - I have found more time to play padel tennis due to furlough and averaged 3h per week

    I’m a little bit concerned about how to balance my days once they start filling up with work again 😊