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What do you do when you just don't feel the motivation of exercising daily?

Fifi2183Fifi2183 Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
I've been doing exercises during this quarantine and improving my nutrition, but some days I just feel I don't even want to leave my bed.
However I keep on doing it, but with this 😩 attitude...
Is it good to skip some days? I wonder because our body respond to our mental state and those days I feel that I don't accomplish my goal while I work out.


  • AliNouveauAliNouveau Member Posts: 36,287 Member Member Posts: 36,287 Member
    It's fine to skip some days. Your body needs to rest

    I find if I put on my workout clothes in the morning I will eventually workout otherwise I feel guilty for not using them.
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  • Fifi2183Fifi2183 Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    Yeah 🙃... maybe I need to find a variety of routines so I don't get bored with repetitive workouts 🤔.
    I do rest but maybe I need to re-check what I'm eating because I've felt with no energy 😴
  • miriams76miriams76 Member Posts: 134 Member Member Posts: 134 Member
    I think "How am I going to achieve my calorie deficit?" and that gets me into my workout clothes pretty quick. I don't want to fast more than the two days I currently am. No deficit, no loss for me.
  • Hanibanani2020Hanibanani2020 Member Posts: 523 Member Member Posts: 523 Member
    miriams76 wrote: »
    I think "How am I going to achieve my calorie deficit?" and that gets me into my workout clothes pretty quick. I don't want to fast more than the two days I currently am. No deficit, no loss for me.

    You don’t have to workout to lose weight. A deficit and exercise are not synonymous. Rest days are important and don’t require fasting.
  • grayblackmfpgrayblackmfp Member Posts: 140 Member Member Posts: 140 Member
    Maybe try some different workouts? There's loads on YouTube to try. My motivation goes down when I've got bored of something and then its time to change it up again. No point tryi g to get fit doing hiit for example if youd be mu h happier dancing.
  • GeneveremfpGeneveremfp Member Posts: 410 Member Member Posts: 410 Member
    Mix it up a bit. I do yoga, running, strength training, ring fit on the switch and I get workout of the days from my crossfit gym whilst they're closed. With so many options there is always something I'm up for and I don't get bored.

    Also if you're tired and can't get out of bed you might not be eating enough. Try slowing your goal down and upping calories.
  • sudmomsudmom Member Posts: 209 Member Member Posts: 209 Member
    When I feel like that, I just put on my head phones and walk. Typically an audio book so I don't think about how far I am going. Usually able to get at least a few miles in and feel like I have done something!
  • Theoldguy1Theoldguy1 Member Posts: 2,115 Member Member Posts: 2,115 Member
    I don't rely on motivation, I rely on discipline. I know from experience that I feel better mentally and emotionally on days that I exercise, so even though I'm not always in the mood to work out, I usually do it. It helps that I have a dog who needs walking twice a day, a treadmill for running in bad weather, and an exercise bike for when I'm giving my body a break from running. I also have videos I can do on days I don't run or bike. Having a variety of options means I have no excuse on days when I'm feeling unmotivated. I'll start something and generally within a short time I'm happy I started the exercise. I do a minimum of 30 minutes, usually 60 and then see how I'm feeling.

    ^ This. you may not be motivated to brush your teeth everyday, but you have the discipline to do it (or in the case of exercise maybe not EVERY day but most days).
  • hiparihipari Member, Premium Posts: 1,271 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,271 Member
    There’s no reason you *have* to work out daily. I don’t, and I’m fine.

    I usually go to the gym on my way home from work, so I take my gym bag to work with me in the morning. I’m pretty good at looking at my calendar/schedule and packing stuff I need for what’s in the schedule, so I sometimes end up with gym gear and realize in the afternoon that my motivation to actually go is below zero. For those days I have a simple rule: if I packed and brought my gear, I have to go there, put on the gear, and spend 10 minutes at the gym. If I still don’t feel like it, I can leave. Usually I end up either doing the workout I originally planned or doing something different/lighter but still for a longer time than 10 minutes. Last time I tried a new ab machine and spent 20 minutes on a stationary bike while watching Friends on the tv there. Much better than watching Friends on my couch without working out.
  • JthanmyfitnesspalJthanmyfitnesspal Member, Premium Posts: 2,988 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,988 Member
    I do best if I have the goal to be active every day.

    Then, it's just a matter of choosing what I want to do. I accept anything from a walk with family or friends to a hard swim, ride, run, or resistance training workout. If I ever feel like I really can't fit it in, I do some cleaning or something. Anything that gets the tush off the couch.
  • dsc84dsc84 Member Posts: 207 Member Member Posts: 207 Member
    For me I know that my day goes better and I feel better when I workout. There are days that Alarm goes off at 4 AM and I don't want to get out of bed, but I remember how much better it is that I feel when I do, and typically how much better my day goes. I make it easy for myself to get up and go- Set everything I need out day before, review program so I know what I'm doing, etc., which helps remove the excuse.
    At the same time I plan for rest days. That doesn't mean I'm not active, but it does mean I sleep in a bit, do my activity of choice later, and reduce intensity. I think having a plan/schedule to follow and some good ol' self discipline help.
  • Kodekai1988Kodekai1988 Member Posts: 49 Member Member Posts: 49 Member
    I just do it - days when I don’t run, I know I end up feeling grouchy, hemmed in and twitchy. I also know that as soon as I step out of the house (literally) I feel good about the run, no matter how demotivated I felt before.

    - have exercise kit ready to go, and shoes too
    - plan beforehand: know what you’re going to do and when, so it doesn’t take up brain space
    - reward yourself, if needed. I get a nice coffee on my way home
  • sgt1372sgt1372 Member Posts: 3,932 Member Member Posts: 3,932 Member
    My exercise goal is to row an average of 5km/day. Everything else is extra and entirely optional.

    So, when I don't feel rowing on a particular day (like yesterday), I just don't row but make it up (one way or the other) later.
  • lorrpblorrpb Member Posts: 11,465 Member Member Posts: 11,465 Member
    Just do it because it’s time, not because you feel excited. For me, motivation Often kicks in after 10-15 min into the workout, or sometimes afterwards.
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