Active friends wanted!



  • IWTBF67
    IWTBF67 Posts: 68 Member
    I’m here everyday for mutual support.
  • pridesabtch
    pridesabtch Posts: 1,822 Member
    I’ll send some FRs out! I love new active friends!
  • KingMeatSweats
    KingMeatSweats Posts: 54 Member
    Just starting but mos def plan on being active!
  • Faylisa11
    Faylisa11 Posts: 21 Member
    Hey! I’m here everyday for support! 😊 I’m looking to make friends too!
  • Kabbij
    Kabbij Posts: 6 Member
    Hi! I'd love to have more friends to see progress and "like" statuses etc :) I'll send requests to people already commented. Hope you all don't mind!
  • OwloftheFuture
    OwloftheFuture Posts: 39 Member
    I would love some active friends!
  • erebusstar
    erebusstar Posts: 4 Member
    Hello. Anyone can feel free to add me. Im also looking for active friends! i log in every day :)
  • bigbeff82
    bigbeff82 Posts: 31 Member
    Anybody want to add me? I'd appreciate the support 😊