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kwelby77 Posts: 10 Member
Hi everyone! I’m not new to MFP but have not shared in the community groups. Looking for motivation & support along this journey! Enjoy cardio- circuit workouts & follow mostly low carb regimen.
I’m 43, work as an NP & from Massachusetts.
Hope to connect. 😊


  • deraffemikey06
    deraffemikey06 Posts: 50 Member
    @kwelby77 Welcome to the group!!
  • livinatthegym77
    livinatthegym77 Posts: 16 Member
    @kwelby77 Hi also back at it and re and from MA...if you would like feel free to add me. My acct is new so looking for some good motivational people!
  • kwelby77
    kwelby77 Posts: 10 Member
    Thanks so much. ☺️
  • Paul02129
    Paul02129 Posts: 606 Member
    Hi, I’m from MA too! Welcome.
  • kwelby77
    kwelby77 Posts: 10 Member
    Thank you! ☺️
  • PedroPony78
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    Hi. Welcome to the group and good luck with your fitness journey. My name is Pete and I live in England. I was nearly 20 stone (280 pounds) got down to 14.5 stone (203 pounds) but since lock down I have shot up to 17.9 stone (250 pounds) The support on this group is amazing and I hope you find it helpful. Much love.
  • Sweet_A
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    Welcome! 🤝 I’m from California! ☀️
    I’m sure you will reach your goals! 🎀