whole food plant based diet? Not processed vegan foods but whole foods? Thanks

Hello all,
I have been dabbling in WFPB this July and finally beginning to see some success in the weight loss front. I have also cut out sugar and flour.
Any other good experiences with WFPB? I want this to stick as it feels so right! Please share. Thanks.


  • Hanibanani2020
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    The world is your oyster. Stuffed baked sweet potato is my fav
  • naadei123
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    What are you stuffing it with? Beans stew?
  • MelanieCN77
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    That's about how I eat but I did not cut sugar or bread or my pop chips and cookies or whatever. Not because of the "processed" part but to slow myself down, I do have a "rule" where I can have cake and pastry and the like if I make it myself. That just makes me more thoughtful about eating the highest calorie density items that are easily over-eaten for me.

    WFPB works for me because I like to feel full and I like and can eat a lot of veg - volume eating, for which there is a long thread around here somewhere.

    You might have fun with the Appetite for Reduction cookbook, which is low fat/cal vegan and mostly whole foods. I've like a good 75% of the things I've tried from it. I like her section of dressings a lot - I have three made up in the fridge right now and you can use them on salads or cooked veg plates or bowls without much thought for what feels like a fancy dish. They have lots of flavour and usually no oil, though some employ cashews.
  • VegjoyP
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    I have been WFPB for a long time and absolutely love it. Although I'm actually now vegan as well- not same as WFPB but can be both of course- the WFPB changed my life.
    Calorie counting for me is #1. Why I love WFPB expecially for people is it is a more versatile and varied way to look at nutrition.
    I do incorporate a moderate amount of healthy fat
    I eat mostly green vegetables and cruciferous. I also am very good with soy , no gluten or sugar, starchy foods. See what works for you though. There are a plethora of valuable resources. I would suggest looking into " Food Revolution Network".
  • DancingMoosie
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    Some of my favorites: roasted chipotle cauliflower, roasted poblano and onions, lentil stew, corn on the cob, and I pickle some veggies to use on salad
  • cathipa
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    I've been WFPB since 1/2019 and have never felt better! Agree with @Hanibanani2020 about stuffed sweet potato - just had one for lunch today stuffed with pinto beans, pico de gallo and guacamole salsa and a mango for a sweet treat. If you are looking for more motivation I follow PCRM on YouTube (they have a daily live stream at 12pm EST which is full on knowledge) as well as their podcast (The Exam Room). I find surrounding myself with knowledge that supports my lifestyle really helps to stay on track and up to date with information I can pass on to others when they ask (especially the "how do you get your protein" question).
  • lalalacroix
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    I started wfpb over a year ago. While I was already losing weight at that time, the weight loss did become easier. I was able to eat more food than I had before.

    I had an injury last fall and became sick this year, most likely with covid. I became inactive due to both and gained weight. Even with a wfpb diet calories still matter. Weight gain is still possible.

    I am happier with this lifestyle than I ever have had with other ways of eating. I have had many health improvements and do not see myself eating a standard American diet again.
  • nooshi713
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    I have done it before and felt amazing. Then, I got a bit lazy and started relying on too many processed vegan products. I’m trying to get back to Whole Foods, Plant Based again.