Celebrating One Year and 115lbs down - New 8wk push to peak fitness for B-Day

NorseCal Posts: 7 Member
I celebrated the one-year mark of this little project on Sunday. To date I am down right around 115lbs, from 320ish to 205ish. I have been getting a ton of great exercise this summer but admittedly my diet has waned in the past couple of months with far more "adult beverages" and fat/sugar intake. My weight has been steady between 205-210 since March with 25-30 miles a week average running trail, lots of mountain biking and just generally a very active summer. But, I can definitely tell that although the weight is the same, I am a bit "softer" than I was back in like April. I am going to kick back into a low fat / low carb diet for the next 8 weeks to make a push for peak fitness by my 39th B-Day in September. I also have a big trail run (competitive) coming up in 6 weeks that it wouldn't hurt to be a little lighter and tighter for...
Best of luck to you all! Keep working away.