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My toxic and manipulative relationship motivated me to start working out again! Im 42.4lbs down!

jmakleanaddojmakleanaddo Member, Premium Posts: 101 Member Member, Premium Posts: 101 Member
For 6 years of my life i was in a relationship that seemed incredibly loving and real or so seemed. At the core of it there were so many lies and toxicity.She(56) was much older and took advantage of my(28) naivety and trusting nature. I was so blinded by love that i did not even notice all the control and manipulation. She did not feel beautiful so she felt the need to keep me looking unattractive and hate myself because she was unhappy with her life. She lied about who she was and a lot of things in her life but that's all fine now and i am at peace. I will not say that we did not share great moments together. We most surely did. In fact we became the best of friends and deep down, friends is truly all that we should have stayed. I know i dodged a bullet and i wish her well and hope she finds happiness somehow while being a compulsive liar. I truly do hope she changes because she is a very kind and loving person. We were just not meant for each other and should have realized that sooner. I, however, realize that i have a lot of life ahead of me and in time the pain will hurt a lot less. I hope she is able to make the changes she needs to make in a life so she can one day truly find the happiness she is looking for.

Anyways I've been on Keto for 4 months now and i am feeling great and ready to move on with my life and do the things that i need to do for myself! If you have a similar story you want to share that motivated you, this is the place to do it. Looking forward to hearing from all of you! Take care and stay motivated to keep reaching those goals! My Instagram is Jaymow05 and I will be sharing my fitness journey there if anyone is interested in following me along the way!
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  • brenn24179brenn24179 Member Posts: 1,956 Member Member Posts: 1,956 Member
    oh my you went with someone so much older and she kept you looking unattractive. I hope you begin to feel better about yourself, you will when you lose the weight. If she lied about so much stuff, you dont need that. Stay strong.
  • Sand_TIgerSand_TIger Member Posts: 319 Member Member Posts: 319 Member
    It's wonderful that were able to see the light, and you seem to be taking things philosophically. I'm really glad that you're finding success! That's a great loss. :)
  • jmakleanaddojmakleanaddo Member, Premium Posts: 101 Member Member, Premium Posts: 101 Member
    Thank you so much! It was a really difficult break up with so many lies and false promises just to keep me around while she looked for someone better. We actually met on this site but i am past the bitterness so i will not reveal who she is. I just wish her the best and hope she changes her life and actually tells the truth about who she is to the people she interacts with in her life. I have no drive to be vindictive and i have great support in my friends and family at the moment. I have a lot to live for i know that and i will be ok. The pain is temporary and the truth about her is helping me move on quickly and at peace :smile:
  • ReenieHJReenieHJ Member Posts: 2,190 Member Member Posts: 2,190 Member
    Sounds like you are a very positive and intelligent person!! I'm glad you've recovered from a relationship that wasn't working for you and can move forward. I wish you THE very best of luck and know you'll find someone that is a perfect match!!
  • jmakleanaddojmakleanaddo Member, Premium Posts: 101 Member Member, Premium Posts: 101 Member
    Thank you so much for the encouragement! You are welcome to add me as a friend to continue this fitness journey on!
  • MaltedTeaMaltedTea Member, Premium Posts: 2,610 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,610 Member let's reup these DMs of yours:

    1. Have your thoughts on dating older partners changed?
    2. Are you currently in a relationship?
    3. Are you looking to another MFP, Insta or offline relationship?
    4. What do you expect, first off, from your next relationship?
    5. Are you doing "dirty keto" or some other variant?

    If you end up getting married off of these responses, I'd expect to be flewed out to the wedding, please and thank you. 🙏🏿

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  • slimgirljo15slimgirljo15 Member Posts: 247,036 Member Member Posts: 247,036 Member
    Wishing you the very best on your journey towards health and happiness. :)

    Breakups hurt, but you are right.. in time they hurt less.
  • jmakleanaddojmakleanaddo Member, Premium Posts: 101 Member Member, Premium Posts: 101 Member
    Thank you all for the continued encouragement. It truly has not been easy. I'm just lucky that I did not make any major investments into her. I was prepared to give up my family to be with her and she seemed very ok with that. This is where I should have known that she was not the right one for me. I suppose love blinds you to common sense. 🤷🏿‍♂️ Lessons have been learnt and growth has been made. All in all I'm thankful for my experience. It has made me wiser and more cautious of who I let into my life and my heart. Slowly but surely I'll learn to trust again
  • ghudson92ghudson92 Member Posts: 2,062 Member Member Posts: 2,062 Member
    Well done on turning your life around 😊
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