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What is MOST motivating to you in general and/or what keeps you going?

vannahsandersvannahsanders Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
Please read all if you're able to!

The main motivation for me is my long-term health with two autoimmune diseases. I want to be here for as long as possible and set a good example for my kids.

Also, people that don't believe I can do it or that it will last. I've been eating 1,200 calories/day of fresh food, good fats, protein, etc. for just over a month. I'm 5'2" and started out at 176. That's the highest number I've seen stay on the scale and I was done with it. Done feeling ashamed, done not feeling my best and done knowing I can do better but not taking the initiative to do so. I made a change and I'm so, so happy I did. I haven't felt this good in a while!

Today, my sister-in-law and best friend got into a little argument on my fb status. Totally unnecessary and I felt like I was caught in the middle. My SIL just graduated from nursing school or at least finished/passed the last test. I'm happy for her, but I'm feeling more motivated than ever after this: I wrote a status about how much better I feel, the amount of calories I eat per day and how I feel full/satisfied so much more than I did before all of this. She said I wasn't eating enough and should be eating around 1,600-1,800 calories a day. I said I felt that I was doing fine, felt great and was losing a healthy amount of weight. She replied back, "nah you need more calories" just like that.

My doctors are aware of what I'm doing and are fine with it, just told me to keep a close eye on it. My best friend gets on and says how I know my body, I'm doing well and that I'm definitely not eating too little. So SIL replies back with something along the lines of, "lol okay, just my nurse opinion." I was away at this time, so I had to come back and see all of this unfold. They get into an argument, say rude remarks to each other and SIL ends it with, "enjoy your fad diet." ......

I ended up deleting the entire conversation, but have been stuck on that line for some time now; because even if it wasn't directed or said to me, I took it that way since the entire convo revolved around my diet. To me, I'm not on a diet like that nor am I on some fad diet. At the risk of sounding cliche, it's literally a lifestyle change lol. I'm doing this for my overall health and intend to maintain my weight and diet once I reach a healthy weight. In fact, I didn't start this solely to lose weight anyway. I started this for my main motivation mentioned above.

So, whether she meant to or not, she became the reason for my secondary motivation of proving others wrong. This isn't short-term and I'm proud of myself. I'm not allowing anyone to hurt my feelings with unnecessary comments like that, especially from people I love and who are supposed to help/support me.

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  • VersicolourVersicolour Member Posts: 6,622 Member Member Posts: 6,622 Member
    I'm sorry she said that. She should know better. I am glad you didn't let it derail you.
  • _Figgzie__Figgzie_ Member Posts: 3,491 Member Member Posts: 3,491 Member
    When someone tries to better themselves, other people feel threatened. It makes them feel like they are not doing enough. She should be more supportive, it's not like you are eating 500 calories a day. I usually only share what I do with people that have seen that I have lost 100 pounds because I do it in many different ways to keep me from going stale.

    Bottom line, if you're good with it and the Doctor is good with it then full steam ahead. Leave the haters behind.
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