What's Your Life Expectancy?



  • conniewilkins56
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    92.... that’s way too long...I am 69 now
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    I love this, 99?! OMG! I have horrible health and have every hereditary disease on each side of the family. This year alone I have 4 new major things wrong despite eating 10 servings of produce a day and working out every morning.
  • AnnPT77
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    I answered for 45-year-old me. As of today, she'd have 3 more years to live (dies at 67).

    Then I answered for current 64-year-old me. It says I'll live to 102. I really doubt it: I think familial/genetic factors are more important than that. I'm figuring 80-something, if I'm lucky.
    On a serious note...I think one of the reasons to be active, eat a well-balanced diet, and maintain a healthy weight is not to live longer...but to ensure that the last years of your life are worth living. I don't want to live to 96 if the last 20 years of my life are miserable. I want to be active as long as possible, keeping my mobility late into my life so I can still enjoy myself, hopefully up until the day I die. I'm doing what I can to give myself the best shot at that.

    This is so, so true. There's a huge difference, on average, between my 60-80 year old friends who've stayed active and below very overweight (who are mostly going strong, doing most things they want to, living independently), and my 50-70 year old friends who are obese and inactive and have been so for quite a while (on multiple drugs with side effects, eating/drinking and recreational activities limited by health concerns, more surgeries requiring longer recoveries, need help with more of their routine life chores, and more).

    It can be earlier, it can be later (or never, if lucky), but from watching people around me, it seems like the less-favorable lifestyle choices really start coming home to roost in the 50s-60s, for a fair fraction of people.

    The quality of life difference can be very significant. No guarantees either way, of course: It's just about the probabilities.
  • spiriteagle99
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    It says 98. I have no desire to live that long, but I have a family history that says I probably will, even aside from the fact that I live a fairly healthy lifestyle now. My father is still kicking at 96, despite war injuries, lung cancer 20 years ago, and Parkinson's/dementia. His sister is also still alive. My mother lived to 83, despite 3 bouts with cancer and an extremely difficult life. I want to go before the inevitable decline hits. I've seen old age and I want no part of it.
  • cclmbr11
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    My results say that I will love to 91. I sure hope so! I am the third of 9 children in my family. My Dad is 96 and my Mom will be 92 next Friday. They are active, eat well and enjoy life. They inspire me!
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    I'd better be working into my late 80s in order to make it through my retirement... or maybe the thing is a tad optimistic!
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    cclmbr11 wrote: »
    My results say that I will love to 91. I sure hope so! I am the third of 9 children in my family. My Dad is 96 and my Mom will be 92 next Friday. They are active, eat well and enjoy life. They inspire me!

    Bless you for being able to love until that ripe age :D !!!
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    Orphia wrote: »

    Looks like to escape the fatigue of having done it all, I'll be taking up nude gardening, ferret racing, ironing on mountaintops, celebrity stalking, and a few other hobbies that'll occur to my sharp and wily old mind. :smiley:

    You sound amazing. I'm too scared to do the test but I guess I better.
  • ReenieHJ
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    94 here. Hmmm, guess we need to rethink our retirement plan.
    My mom died at 82, related to falling. And my dad died at 90; I was hoping to go his route because he was still pretty mobile and mentally with it until the end. But then, with our kids living far away and thinking I'd be outliving all my friends and local family, I'm not sure I want that either. And Lord knows, I do NOT want to become the burden that my kids will need to stress over and pass from one sibling to the other. :/ I guess whatever happens, happens. :)
  • emalethmoon
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    85, and no change when I use my goal weight instead of current weight.
  • ruqayyahsmum
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    And that's with me being over 200lb
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    84 for me - though I doubt I will make it that old personally, the men in my family tend to top out between 60-80 unfortunately. I just hope I’m healthy and have sound mind for as long as possible.
  • sugarapplespice
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    68, but I'm working on a bunch of things that will increase that age! I have about 35 years to shape up!
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    Geeze I'm past the 1/2 way point already!! lol
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    93. As I currently have a grandpa that's 97, and grandma that's 92 (they've been married almost 76 years!!!), that seems legit.