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  • ahoy_m8ahoy_m8 Member Posts: 2,106 Member Member Posts: 2,106 Member
    psychod787 wrote: »
    briscogun wrote: »
    ... getting a damn haircut again!

    Hell to the yeah!

    On board with this.
  • speyerjspeyerj Member Posts: 888 Member Member Posts: 888 Member
    Sweep rowing in 4 or 8 person shells - I'm able to scull in a single, though.
    Going to the theater
    Going to concerts
    My daughter being able live on campus at her college
    My husband being able to teach his students in person
    My gym being open again
    Dinner parties
    Playing Mah Jongg in person

    But I suspect it will take a year or more for these things to return. :( In the meantime, please everyone, wear a mask where social distancing is not possible, so perhaps we can get back to doing those things sooner!

  • sofrancessofrances Member, Premium Posts: 120 Member Member, Premium Posts: 120 Member
    I want to take kayaking lessons. Also, seeing my parents and siblings. Starting doing some proper weight training at the gym. Getting some physio to see if my knees can be sorted out.
  • GerryD1221GerryD1221 Member Posts: 21 Member Member Posts: 21 Member
    Being able to travel to the US again...I miss Vegas !!!
  • cparsons_60cparsons_60 Member Posts: 89 Member Member Posts: 89 Member
    speyerj wrote: »
    Sweep rowing in 4 or 8 person shells - I'm able to scull in a single, though.
    Going to the theater
    Going to concerts
    Yes to these! I row year-round in Florida and enjoy rowing my single, but I miss sweep a lot. I never played a sport on a team, so sweep rowing is my only experience of working together, trying to move as one, to achieve a common goal.

    And I miss live theater and live music. I've watched YouTube plays and concerts, but they're not the same without the interaction of a live audience.
  • speyerjspeyerj Member Posts: 888 Member Member Posts: 888 Member
    @cparson_60 - nice to meet a fellow rower!!

    I laughed when I saw someone disagreed with me - I guess they don't like theater?? Or maybe they are one of those people who think this is a hoax. I just hope for their sake, they don't find out they are wrong the hard way.
  • Boomshakalaka01Boomshakalaka01 Member Posts: 53 Member Member Posts: 53 Member
    Focusing on getting healthier during Covid time. This may be the only smiley face I slap on this situation for awhile. lol
  • akm0615akm0615 Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    Getting a much earned massage! It was supposed to be a reward for every 10lbs lost... 37lbs lost. 0 massages. LOL
  • briscogunbriscogun Member Posts: 927 Member Member Posts: 927 Member
    Going to a sporting event! Baseball, football, you name it!
  • AlexandraFindsHerself1971AlexandraFindsHerself1971 Member Posts: 1,127 Member Member Posts: 1,127 Member
    I'm looking forward to being able to walk for pleasure, to stroll round museums and art galleries without needing to sit and missing half of it due to foot pain. I want to go to state parks and do a little hiking. I want to wear clothes that highlight the hourglass shape that's under the fat, and learn to wear a low heel again, maybe. Eighty to a hundred more pounds. I've already done 45.
  • MaxxittMaxxitt Member Posts: 1,261 Member Member Posts: 1,261 Member
    5 months after starting this thread, I'm still looking forward to all those queries about maintaining while on vacation. And going somewhere besides the grocery store. And seeing the kids and grandkids. And going to the Y to get a decent lifting workout in (it's open with precautions but I'm not risking it due to having a high-risk person in the household). I remain confident that all of these looking forward wishes will come to pass.
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