Anyone 45 and over

Hi I’m back, been inactive for a long time but I’m ready to get my fitness on.


  • FullTimeRVLife
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    I have only been here for 2 days and I am over 45. Good luck!
  • midlife_goals
    midlife_goals Posts: 54 Member
    I’m quite active on here. 45 from 🇬🇧.
  • khatmott
    khatmott Posts: 15 Member
    i'm 47 and back after a long break away. looking for accountability buddies feel free to add me. im in Aus
  • amandagarland06
    amandagarland06 Posts: 4 Member
    Hi I'm 49 and ready to lose a couple of stone before I turn the big 50 in January or realistically as much as I can by then.🤞
  • ronronO
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    Hi newbies! Started yesterday, the "covid stone" has added to a slow increase over the last 2/3 yrs. It's just been creeping on. I've set myself an initial target is to lose 35lbs, and hopefully by Christmas. Need to get back to healthy range. Got a shock when I realized my BMI is now 30. I'm in Ireland. Hoping to get support here to keep me motivated!
  • getfitboo
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    Nice to meet all of you let’s motivate and encourage each other. Stay focus, healthy and safe✌🏾 ❤️peace & love
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    I am 49 and on here daily .... You are welcome to add me ......wishing you the very best :)
  • enilorac1968
    enilorac1968 Posts: 2 Member
    Hello everyone. I am 52 years old. Trying to get my eating and exercise back on track. I have gained 28 pounds in the past year and feel miserable. On a positive note though, I joined my fitness pal, signed up for a 12 week body transformation program at a nearby Bootcamp and am giving up drinking at least for the next 3 months. Would love to chat and support one another
  • amreing
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    Count me in! I’m 55. A few years ago I was looking great; 15 pounds lighter and working with a trainer at the Y. Now I feel as if the years all hit on me at once, I lost my oomph and the weight creeped on again. I never wanted to be one of those yo-yo dieters, but I love to bake and eat good food, so eventually I sabotage my good healthy habits by letting it all go wild! I could use some comrad support!
  • racergurltn
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    Count me in. I’m 45 and I want to get to my best self.
  • azkunk
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    I turned 49 in May and set a goal to lose 50 by 50. I am finding losing weight so much harder at this age. Lost 5 so far and have 45 to go!
  • afua45
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    I'm 45 in a few months. Would love to connect with fitness buddies.
  • GerryD1221
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    I’m 61 and been on here for a couple days. Goal is to lose 19 lbs. daunting task as I’m new to counting calories lol
  • stanlfink
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    Hi all! I’m a young 58. I’ve been on MFP for awhile now and have lost over 100 lbs and have kept most of it off. I’ve had a slight hiccup due to the change up in my routine with Covid around. But, I’m moving back on track.

    Any or all of you are welcome to connect to me. I try to encourage and be supportive and not judgmental.

    Either way, I wish you all success at your goals.
  • thedec1320
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    Hi all, 46, looking to fit and healthy I have not made any specific goals yet, lost my mojo but want to get back on track, baby steps, any tips and support would be great,
  • Irfan_Ali
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    48 year old, gym 3 times a week, maybe 20k bike ride once a week as well as obstacle race runner
  • jbg130
    jbg130 Posts: 2 Member
    I'm 56 and am a yo yo dieter. Right now, I'm positioning meals and focusing on carbs instead of calories and am losing weight. Would love to be added as a friend!
  • Rouleur67
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    52 and counting 😂😂 All about slowing down time - add for craic and motivation 😊
  • LaraeTX
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    45 in October
  • IndyCatDad1
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    Quite a bit over 45 and I'd love a new friend or two!