How to not feel like it's one long endless diet.



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    I am not at maintenance yet but I do IF - eating well 4 days a week but seriously restrict my calories on 3 days a week. I also walk 4 miles a day minimum and that wins me another half a pound or so worth of calorie deficit a week.

    So my thoughts when I get to maintenance is to keep up with the walking, of course, as that is for general health as much as anything, and to keep a single fasting day.

    At the moment my fasting days are 600 calories and for that I tend to have a a big bowl of porridge, a bowl of homemade vegetable miso soup, a yogurt and an apple - so the calories can go a surprisingly long way.

    So hopefully the upshot will be that on maintenance I will be able to eat well most days and not feel restricted - but I do intend to keep with the calorie counting as stopping that has been my downfall in the past.

    Do you mind me asking what your 'generic 1200 calorie' breakfast meal might be?

    I never have a 1200 day, eating 1800 four days a week and 600 three days a week, but also never eat breakfast as this makes me hungry all day. My first meal will never be before lunchtime.

    Today is an "eating day" and I had my first meal at 3pm as it happens and it was crispbreads, cheese spread and a pear which came to 220 calories.

    I do eat porridge every day, eating or fasting day, but have this in the evening. 40g of rolled oats, 13g of skimmed milk powder and some sweetener = 200 calories.

    I started this journey with 5:2 but have modified this to suit my personal preferences and experience as I have gone along, finding fasting every other day to be a step too far for example, and this week I hit a lose of 7 stone, which has taken around a year. :-)

    oh sorry...I took a peek into your food diary and saw 'generic 1200 calories' on various days listed under 'breakfast'.

    Ah OK.... I understand. :-)

    MFP does not allow different calorie goals on different days so I set every day to 1800 and do that to "delete" 1200 calories on fasting days so I can see how many of my actual 600 calories I have left for the day.
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    I've been in maintenance for about a month. Like yourself I was not keen to keep logging everyday and weighing constantly. Instead I've just been eating sensibly. I know from months of logging pretty much what foods work best. I also know that if I eat too many calorie-dense foods I'll gain weight. Instead I'm choosing to stay away from bread, wheat crackers, etc or only eating half as much as a normal person might. I've had a few days where I've gone off the rails, but the next few days I know if I want to "maintain" I need to be a bit more creative to put together a satisfying meal that's within limits.

    My BMI is 22.5 at maintenance. It would be great to move it a bit lower but I need to be sure it's right for me. I agree with other posts about evaluating the best BMI for you. I've never had any luck keeping my BMI at 20 although I can diet down to that point :-)
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    I eat whatever I like, but not a lot of it. So I never feel deprived?

    I also eat what I want FIRST. So if I want cake, I eat a small piece, log it, and then eat other things I like. I have ice cream every day, but just 1/4 cup. I pay a lot of attention to what I like and I savor it.
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    Exercise! I've been at maintenance for >3 years now eating 1500-1600 calories of pretty much whatever I want and working out 5+ days/week. Exercise has really bumped up my metabolism and setting fitness goals helps break the monotony. I do a mix of high-intensity cardio and lifting. I'm never going to have a normal relationship with food, but I'm less likely to overeat if I know that one 100cal mini candy bar = 100 burpees I did earlier.

    That said, if you are older than me you may not be able to get away with eating sugar and junk food like I do and still maintain. I'll enjoy it while it lasts...
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    I have sustained my loss for almost 3 years now, but I have gone about maintenance a little different than most. I loss 100 lbs from January 11th to September 15th of 2017. Once I reached goal (100 lb loss) I started taking my weekends off. I wouldn't gorge myself, but I ate more freely, no weighing or logging any meals & usually avoiding the scales to weigh myself. First thing Monday morning.. I weigh myself and get right back to my healthier choices. This method has basically kept me in a weight loss mode of sorts as when I weigh frist thing Monday morning my weight has usually shifted up some (it can go up anywhere from 2 to 6 lbs just from the weekend) but it is right back in my 'comfort zone' by Wednesday/Thursday. From Sept 2017, I would take off most every weekend until COVID. Since we were home more, I found myself staying the course even over the weekends here and there. I have taken extended time off (the latest being 9 consecutive days - August 1st through 9th while we were camping at the lake). Yeah, my weight shifted up some, but no more than it does over a weekend. We relaxed a lot, but managed to get right much swimming, some walking and a little biking in which obviously helped. I think there will always be a fear of 'going back', but it has decreased a little over time. I made lifestyle changes and I know for a fact that is how I have managed to keep the weight off (and even loss more).

    My approach is definitely not the norm. Most folks just increase their 'everyday' calories, decide on a weight they don't want to surpass and if they do, they cut back to get back in their 'sweet spot'. Best of luck with finding the balance now that you've reached your goal and give yourself time to test the waters and find what exactly that means for you as an individual.
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    @ChelleDee07 - Your transformation is so must be so much happier now!
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    While I'm not near maintenance yet, I have done my weight loss entirely with calorie counting, because of Covid's impact on gyms and pools. (I have arthritis which limits my weightbearing exercise.) I'm right now on 1310 and honestly I could live on this for the rest of my life, with occasional small bits of birthday cake. I don't eat huge portions, I'm full when I stand up from the table, and the only point that I'm hungry is usually a nice level of anticipation while I'm actually cooking and plating the food. But I deliberately shrunk my stomach down, and I'm fine with keeping it small for the rest of my life.
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    It’s not for everyone but I find a high protein meat and eggs breakfast keeps me full until late afternoon or dinner