Losing weight with a thyroid problem

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I have hypothyroidism and am finding it very hard to lose weight. If tracking my activities for about 3 weeks. I try to walk about 2 miles 6x a week and do a boot camp 2x per week. I’m currently on a 1200 calorie diet. I have lost 7 pounds since starting but for the last 2 weeks I’m at a stand still. Anything that can be suggested to get over this hump will be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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    Actually, 7 pounds in 3 weeks is really good. A 2lb/week loss can be difficult to maintain and if you are less than 20lbs over weight, it isn't really recommended. Give yourself some time. It can be more difficult with a thyroid issue, but it is definitely possible (I've done it before, in my late 30s early 40s)! Good luck!
  • I lost 3 pounds in two weeks and then maintained, I have about 100 pounds to lose to get to my ultimate goal weight. Weight loss is not linear. 7 pounds is fantastic.
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    Hypothyroidism doesn't make it harder to lose weight, but it does mean you may have less energy to work out- that's typically the problem. I've been Hypothyroid for 22 years (diagnosed at 11)
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    Much depends on if one is hypo because of diet or because of autoimmunity, autoimmunity changes all the rules.
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    If your hypothyroidism is treated to bring your hormone levels to normal (which it should be), then you can lose weight with no particular problem. I've been on levothyroxine (Synthroid) for years and lose weight just as CICO says I should.