Oops I ate too much sodium, what next?



  • Drinking water is good it will flush as they say, but that's not the only think you can do. Running will speed up the process of draining the unwanted sodium. Run and drink water!!! Remember, your body needs only 200mg of sodium a day. More than that and you could be in risk of high blood pressure down the road.
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    Believe it or not it is very easy to hit 10,000mg+ of sodium more often than you think. soup and other thing are very high in sodium....as long as you stay within your other goal limits (cal, fat, carbs ) its ok to do once in awhile. Yes drink water and the water you retain will go away in a few days. Hope this helped!!
  • you didn't have 10,000mg of sodium, lol

    but drink lots of water and yeah the sodium and water will cause gain, so... unless you like to see that stuff stay off the scale
  • Whoops 6 year old thread. ahahaha
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    Question was asked in 2012/2013 . . . guessing that sodium has processed out of OP's system by now. 😉